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  1. Hey guys! Gonna be shooting a commercial for the Rainbow Dash soda while at the con and wanna see if anyone wants to help with photography! I already have a cameraman but I just thought some of you might wanna help and practice your camera skills.
  2. Hey! What's up bros?! Name's Sk8trBr0ny and I'm a skateboarder AND a Brony! Hard to believe, right? XD I've been a skateboarder for almost 10 years and been a Brony for almost a year. I also enjoi (skate company name. XD) surfing and hanging out with my kr3w. Lol I went to Everfree Northwest last year and loved it! (I was the guy with the black and white backpack, black hat, sunglasses, and a skateboard and looked awkward. XD) I'm from Gig Harbor so I ain't far from SeaTac. Nice to meet ya guys!