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  1. Sk8trBr0ny

    Shooting a commercial at the con.

    Hey guys! Gonna be shooting a commercial for the Rainbow Dash soda while at the con and wanna see if anyone wants to help with photography! I already have a cameraman but I just thought some of you might wanna help and practice your camera skills.
  2. Sk8trBr0ny

    What're everyone's ages?

    I'll be 20 in May!
  3. Sk8trBr0ny

    Sup Poniez!

    Hey! What's up bros?! Name's Sk8trBr0ny and I'm a skateboarder AND a Brony! Hard to believe, right? XD I've been a skateboarder for almost 10 years and been a Brony for almost a year. I also enjoi (skate company name. XD) surfing and hanging out with my kr3w. Lol I went to Everfree Northwest last year and loved it! (I was the guy with the black and white backpack, black hat, sunglasses, and a skateboard and looked awkward. XD) I'm from Gig Harbor so I ain't far from SeaTac. Nice to meet ya guys!