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  1. I'm a system and design engineer, though I did industrial design engineering specifically at my last job. This one is more general with lots of R&D.
  2. Hello! My name is Renee, though I tend to go by Riku (or RikuKat) online. I am super excited to attend Everfree and would have attended last year, but I was living in LA! As someone still fairly new to the neighbor hood, I'm definitely looking to make some new friends (I live on Capitol Hill, btw). Just a bit about me: I'm a 22 year old engineer that is a complete videogame addict and spends too much time on Reddit. MLP helped me get through the most stressful times during college (senior year as an engineer is rough!). Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony because I can definitely relate to her the most, as we both are nerds that allow ourselves to get super stressed out over things that we shouldn't! I tend to be a fairly creative person, so making costumes and other random things is a hobby of mine, though I also really love the outdoors! I'm also pretty passionate about cheese and beer! I'm also going to Sakura Con where I'll be rocking a quickly put-together Twilight Sparkle (human, no horn or anything) costume on Friday, Nidalee (League of Legends) on Saturday and Haruko (FLCL) on Sunday! If you attended PAX Prime in 2011 you may have seen me running around as Nid! Nice to meet you all!