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  1. Communism is spaghetti.

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      Spaghetti and meat balls

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  2. Not gonna lie, that banner freaks me out.

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      It's a little uncanny.

  3. Communism Is Spaghetti.

  4. Scriba wasnt sure how long had passed, but the expedition over the mountain was a blur to her. She remembered meeting with the ponys, and starting the long trek up through the area. Using the maps she had taken on her first way up, she cut down the time it took to only a few days. She had then taken them along the roads to the main city, were she guessed that embers would be waiting. Embers Had been waiting, has was waiting in a small shack, news of the other nation had reached them long ago, and he was trying to refresh his memory of how to deal with other nations, and there general self
  5. Scriba nodded "Sure, I would need your best trained ponys....Seeing as you haven't made it across the mountains on your own yet" Scriba smiled a little at this comment "And Im sure that my country would be more then happy to let in, assuming that you can brave the mountain" She glanced down at her book once more, and looked up at the pony "Meet me in a few hours, outside of this buildings, with your best ponys and as many supply's as you can carry" With that, she promply walked out.
  6. Scriba nodded. "The land I come from has quite a bit of stuff to offer, Plenty of food, and well as iron, and a decent amount of everything else" She said, tilting her head "Were surrounded by land on all sides, and as you probably know, theres the huge natural wall between our two nations" Scriba glanced back down at her book. " You have about the same technology as us, and im sure we would be willing to work together for more breakthroughs" @@Lordav,
  7. Scriba smiled as sat down, she looked over at the diplomat, and nodded. "Indeed, Im somewhat of a diplomat myself, but somewhat an adventurer" She said, grabbing her book and looking back up "My leader, Embers, Sent me out to find other nations, one in each direction, and as far as I know, My group was the only one who make it...Erm" Scriba glanced at the ground, before returning her eyes "Im the only one who made it, I sent back 2 members of my group to go notify our government" "So, About the trading, Weve been a very secluded nation, and have many, many resources, anything you need?"
  8. Sapphire walked forward, glancing around as she did. She wondered if this was a show of force, or something like it, Or if they rich ponys here really did have enuff money to make more of these huge houses. She looked at the pony who had taken her in, then tilted her eyes back to the minister. "Quite a nice place you have here" She said with a grin as she set her stuff down to one side of her. @@Lordav,
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    No waifu no lifu
  10. Scriba tilted her head as she walked forward, amazed at how much of a difference she had seen form the far out fields and the train, to were she was now. Based on the way they were going, she guessed that they were heading right to the leader of this nation, but she thought it rediculis that they would need such a big house. She thought back to embers, Whos house was almost smaller then most, as he traveled most of the time, and lived humbly despite having all the power to change whatever whenever, which was why he was so highly respected. "How can you respect someone who lives in this kinda p
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    Spaghetti, duh
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    Eh? But trains dont love!
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    Neather, Trains dont love
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