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  1. Pathfinder, I am so incredibly proud of you right now, both for what you have accomplished here and for what you continue to accomplish. I have not forgotten that you were the first among the staff to reach out to me as a friend, nor that you were one of my first friends here, and remain one of my deerest Your promotion is admittedly somewhat bittersweet, as I would have been incredibly happy to work with you in an admin role had the road of life veered in a slightly different direction, but I am deeply happy for you nonetheless, and I wish you the very best in your endeavors, spreading t
  2. From this point on, I will no longer be checking MLPF, or if I do it will be with no level of reliability. Farewell my dears <3

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    2. Golbez


      *Hat tips*

      Fare well Elo, I'll be keeping in touch. :)

    3. Novaburst


      Farewell, could we stay in touch?

    4. Wingnut


      I'm sad to see you go. Best wishes, hun! :)

  3. In general, people (and presumably ponies) prefer to date others who are similar in what I would call "mental age". Someone of a similar maturity level who can understand the other's mentality in that sense. Considering that, Luna and Celestia's respective dating pools would be... probably non-existent. The only being we know of even vaguely similar in age to them is Discord, and that would be, erm, complicated given their extensive history as enemies, not to mention that I don't think Discord is at a place currently where he can handle a romantic relationship. So that would be my answer.
  4. Nine days away from the deadline and I just now noticed Twilight creepin' in the background of that picture sweet Celestia I'm crying. Also, nine days remaining! To parody an incredibly old meme like the dork I am, mods are awake, post ponies!
  5. Eloquence


    An egg wiggles, cracks forming in its shell, ready to hatch. The egg opens, and out pops a lovely vulpix! This sweet and warm-hearted creature would bring a smile to anyone’s face, and her six fabulous tails are indicators of her wisdom. With time and training, she’s sure to become a strong, wise, majestic ninetails one day. Obviously such a great pokemon deserves a spot on the MLPForums team, but first she’ll need a nickname. Looking at her, somehow @Stardust* seems like a perfect fit. Stardust* is joining the MLPF staff as a sectional for RolePlay world. Please give her a warm welcome!
  6. When roleplaying with your tea-themed OCs reminds you that your tea's getting cold

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    2. N.W.



    3. Eloquence


      @mesme yukyukyukyuk

      @nebula I'm not sure I'd call it a problem, actually a useful reminder seems like quite the opposite of a problem :P

    4. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Heh, I adore those two. Though now I realize I haven't drunk tea in like years holy hell.

  7. Taking a mini-vacation by a quiet lake... I needed this

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    2. DND


      wow take me with you

    3. Eloquence


      Hehe, then you enjoy yourself snakefriend :P


      And I wish you could visit Kiwoy! This place would be more fun with friends :D

    4. DND


      aww same its death by heat out here

  8. Eloquence


    Balsam looks just great (and adorable) to me! Off to second approval
  9. I "converted" my partner actually. There was a time when he thought pony fans were "weird" but I taught him about not being so judgmental of others and as we grew together he came to appreciate the series in the way that I do. I think it's improved his life in a way, and I am terribly pleased that I could provide him with something that improved his life in some small way
  10. Yes, that's exactly right. Particularly the "(in my mind)" portion, as it is good that you are recognizing that this is a product of your mind being nervous and focusing on negative opinions. I know of lots of people who enjoy season six, even those episodes you mentioned. I myself particularly enjoyed No Second Prances. The more insecure you feel about something, the more your mind wants to focus on the people with opposing views rather than those who agree with you. That's why there are both people who say that everyone is too hard on later seasons and people who say that everyone is too sof
  11. @@onlyone, Listen sugarcube, as someone who used to have a lot of anxiety surrounding liking and watching this show, let me give you a few bits of advice on how to cope with your anxiety. First off, it's easy to say "just don't listen to the haters", so I'm going to change that tune, and recommend that you turn off their voices. It's okay to take a step back from the fandom if you need to, it's okay to not engage people who are being negative and harsh, it's even okay to block or unfollow people. While listening to the opinions of others is important, your mental health is ultimately more impo
  12. Pros of being an adult: I can pack as many goddamn oreos in my lunch as I want now

  13. Eloquence

    Debate Pit Requirements

    Just thought I'd pop in to say that I really like the discussion being had here. I think that taking some steps to improve the Debate Pit and make it more about respectful debating and less about, well, some less honorable pursuits we'll call them, would be rather nice. I think that a debate guideline would be very helpful, and that upping the required number of posts and being stricter about what crosses the AB line would go a long way.
  14. Valid questions, very valid questions. To answer, my friend basically described her to me later as "barsexual" - straight until she's had a few drinks And similarly on-topic, guys usually back off when I say I have a boyfriend too. I don't really like using that tactic because being polyamorous and all I don't really like pretending to be monogamous just to get people to leave me alone, but it does make a fairly good safety net in a pinch.
  15. Well since this thread is coming back up maybe I'll share a few examples of the uncomfortable flirting I've received, since my old post here was really vague. A few days ago at work an old man told me he'd "go for me if he was younger". Of all the compliments one could give, you probably could've picked a better one there friendo. Last time I went out to a bar a guy tried to pick up my friend and I at the same time. I mean props to him for setting the bar high but unfortunately for him we're actually super gay for each other and were basically out on a date. I have another friend w
  16. Ninja'd, thought I was going to be the first to respond with "open" To be fair, I used to sleep with the door closed back when I lived with my parents. I used to pretty much always have my door closed, because I always felt constricted by my biological family and needed as much privacy and alone time as I could get. Since I moved out though, I started changing my habits and switched to leaving it open, because I prefer to feel more "connected" to the other people and other animals in my home by not putting a barrier between us, as I find their presence very comforting. Besides, after
  17. The bots on tinder have gotten disturbingly good at pretending to be real people since I last used the app...

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    2. Frostgage


      I've seen enough science-fiction to know how this ends

    3. Retro*Derpy


      Reminds me of a time when I was on a Proxy server. Bot lady said she lived next to USA-E34 server too, and we should meet. Hehe.

    4. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      S E N T I E N C E

  18. My rats are being weirder than normal tonight

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    2. Away


      and ferrets <3

    3. Eloquence


      True though ^

    4. Away


      or just about any small furry critter for that matter

  19. You could say that. I don't have to see him much, but I have one particular step-brother who is the walking definition of entitled. Gets whatever he wants, absolutely doted on to a ridiculous extent by his mother, spewing his racist, classist, queerphobic nonsense. He's a spoiled rich kid and when I actually have to be around for it it drives me batty.
  20. Eloquence

    Flash Lightning

    It looks like you took care of what I asked for, so I'll send Flash along to second approval
  21. Facebook: there for you when you need to be reminded that it's your ex's birthday, because you sure wouldn't want to miss that

  22. Eloquence


    Azure looks like a great little astronomer character Moving her right along to second approval
  23. Just happened to see that I'm at exactly 2000 brohoofs. Glad I caught that :3

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    2. Johnny1226



    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Congrats Elo.


      for your celebration, i will play some ELO. :P



    4. Eloquence


      Thanks everyone <333

  24. Honestly, looking at this merch only makes me think it's less likely that we'll see the rest of the mane six become alicorns, and here's why Imagine six of those dolls lined up together, the mane six all as alicorns with wings and horns. Now imagine them all together, arranged on a shirt, or a towel, or a tote bag... It doesn't look good does it? It isn't coincidence that both the M6 and the CMC feature ponies of different races. The diversity of features helps each character stand out more and look unique, and the fact that they don't all have all of these extra appendages makes f
  25. Eloquence

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for unbanning in the banned thread
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