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  1. Hello there! I'm animating in MMD, and a while ago, I've made 2 small animations. One, meeting Fluttershy, remade in MMD: And, a while later, a short video made with audio from 11second club: After that, I did not have any idea what to animate (well, actually I have a big idea, but 1. I know that my skill is too low to execute it properly, and 2. I'd need a good Discord model, which I'm trying to rig, but it's not going too well). For now, I didn't have enough free time to meddle in this, aside from a project for a friend or just plain goofing around. But now, I find myself with a bit more of a free time, so I'm asking here, does anyone have an idea what should I make? Granted, it's not "make my 20-minute movie, that's only in my head", that's why people don't do such requests. I was thinking, if someone has some sort of short comic, that they would like to have animated? Or even better, a comic that had a voice dub made. In that case the only things that would be a hinderance are clothing and limited characters array.