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  1. I was in a reminiscing kind of mood on my way home from work, and it made me kind of sad that I don't talk to the people I used to be real close to. I have been wanting to do another vector for a while, and I knew for sure that this was the one that I had to do. My biggest fear is that I'll just kind of get forgotten about by everyone that I've been close to. I really hope this isn't the case, but I guess I really don't know. I always wonder if someone I knew just randomly thinks "Yeah, that one dude that did vectors back in the day. I wonder what he's up to nowadays." -shrug- Any
  2. I do tend to get both, but BT is normally last. I would've sold that last Health Pot I had sitting around for it if the game had lasted long enough ^^"
  3. I'm a huge advocate of Essence Reaver. The CDR is great, and I hate always being OoM. Mana back on Autos really helps with that and I find I don't really need the shield from BT
  4. Graves tho <3 got ganked once in lane. Ended with me getting a triple kill :3 10 minute Inifnity Edge, followed closely by a 16 minute Essence Reaver. Had 16 kills before I finally died because lag spike while diving Vayne. Still killed her and then bought my Soto. Fun times to be had <3
  5. Vel'koz, so much fun No idea why I stopped playing him. Probably the melee assassin kick I was on for a couple months ^^" Did so much damage it was ridiculous:
  6. I love Quinn so much <3 Poor Vayne, couldn't do anything against Leona and I. Dove her at least 3-4 times. Double Harrier level 2 also took her from full to half, so yeah. Dat burst <3 Also, late game I two shot the Gnar with a Harrier followed by a kick into Tri-Harrier
  7. I got another Penta with Akali Sadly, we lost because I didn't gain my momentum until it was way too late ;-; But even still, dat 3rd penta swag <3
  8. I got tired of all of the normal ADCs after carrying with Quin in Bot lane. I wanted to do something fresh I hadn't done in a long time. Sona ADC <3
  9. Flat Armpen makes learning how to really CS marginally hard (I used to run it on all quints and all reds). Swap at least your reds out or make all of your quints flat AD and it would help a lot. The main thing about farming is knowing approximately how much of the minion's health bar your abilities and auto attacks are going to hit for. Try not to use too many abilities to farm, unless you'll either get 1) 3+ minions from the same ability or 2) you'll also get some poke in along with it. I'm honestly one of the worst CSers of my group, but that's because I'm too focused on killing peop
  10. I keep getting more and more proud of my Akali the 13/0 game I went mid v Lux. had her zoned out of farm before I even hit 3 <.< First time Rengar showed up I killed him then dove the Lux. Second game was v Heimer in top lane. Any time I pulled his ult I'd just shroud and walk away until A: ult turret died, or B: CDs to finish him after his rockets xD
  11. Decided to play some Cassiopeia, thought I was going to have a bad time when I saw Akali as my lane opponent and Shaco cmaping me. Yeah. I was k. Also, right before we won, me and Haven kinda had a moment <3 Edit: Also, 400 stacks in ~24 minutes
  12. Who needs a DFG when I could two shot everyone one their team except for Xin... Who actually took full combo xD
  13. Decided to play some Annie. Yeah, glad I did. Once I finished my build, if any less than 3 of them jumped on me They'd all die. After second back when I finished Death Cap and got Mejai's, any time Heimer dropped a turret, I'd one shot them before they could do anything. Sadly, they weren't ever grouped enough for me to penta, or I think I could've got it 1v5. Edit- Almost forgot. After ~kill 23 Xin told me I should just afk... As I was taking his blue buff xD
  14. Akali is now my Waifu <3 Laned against Veigar. Not so hard lane. Q harass, pop with E whenever, winning lane. Lee shows up, helps, win lane, Roam. Like I normally do. Then things started going south when bot lane kept getting caught out. Yeah, I did my normal Akali Shenanigans and carried. However, this game was special. Note the ranks. "Yeah, but it's a normal and they don't care" You had to be there to see the Draven trying to win. You don't get Spirit Visage on an ADC in a normal where you don't really care <.< Shush Haven, you don't count
  15. So, we've been playing new Hexakill quite a bit, but we've been having bad luck. So we played a rage game to compensate. I played Akali mid v Syndra. I got first blood. And then it all started: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1605461662/43976981 And it's not like they were all new or "super bad" or whatever either Edit: Aaaaand I just did it again. 40/9 Kat <3 I got a penta and a quad But, it's Kat, doesn't count >.< http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1605618954/43976981
  16. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1581887643/43976981 Dat Akali jungle tho Srsly. They invaded my red, our Blitz got first-blooded, but got Vi killed to Caitlyn. So I capitalized and took my blue, her red, then my red. Her jungle then proceeded to belong to me the rest of the game I hope this new jungle they've got up on PBE goes through, she's going to be so much fun ^^
  17. This time I got told I was mana hacking because I was stacking my passive / farming mana with Cass's E
  18. I get a lot of flak for playing Akali jungle most of the time, but yeah. Don't doubt her power: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1570623872/43976981 Also, post 7 her clear is disgustingly good.
  19. Played a game as Ez earlier today. Poor Nunu's League Client made him repair it before he got into the game. However, I was sitting at, like, 18/2 when he finally got it, so yeah. My Ez is on point <3 http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1569605894/43976981
  20. Getting in on this penta train a bit late, but... Jinx, Ashe, Ziggs (x2), Akali :3 And no, the Akali penta wasn't a bunch of KSing >: I came into the fight late with most of them hovering around half except for Galio and Ziggs. Ziggs died to a single E and Galio was ~75%
  21. WOO PENTA Also, I bought Mejais right afterwards. Everyone else decided they wanted in on the fun too xD [
  22. Every single time I play Ziggs I ask why people don't play him more often. And yes, Trundle is so good <3 he's about the only fighter I can do well with lately >.<
  23. I tried Gnar out of PBE the other day. 1v5 against bots in a custom just to see how his mechanics work. You do actually have some marginal control over his transformation. Use more abilities and stay in combat with AAs more to build rage faster. Don't want to transform? Just last hit. Need a transform ASAP? Hit the wave with everything you got (Except Hop, save that for transform initiation.) The rage fills faster as the game goes on, so you can pretty much just get it to proc whenever you need it to. Personally, I think I'm going to play him as a bruiser support, but that's just me. On a
  24. Kassadin <3 Ever since he stopped being completely broken, I've become able to play him now. I also have a really bad habit of not buying boots <.< The only time they caught me was triple stuns or accidentally ulting over a wall at full stacked ult (Even with almost 3k mana, 1200 is still a lot .-.) #NoBoots2014
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