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  1. holy wow, this is a throwback, can't believe i haven't used this in years

    1. jorge123esp


      Welcome back :squee:

  2. I wrote this poem and I need some thoughts on it badly, please....

    1. Silver-Ember


      I'll give it a read-through. ^^

  3. i dont know if i wanted this at all

    1. Silver-Ember


      I'm considerably busy at the moment, and I won't be able to get back to you until a few hours later, being I must leave for work in the next few minutes, but you're welcome to message me or anything if you wanna "taco-bout" (:P) it. *hug*

  4. i love you, don't you mind?

  5. Anyone interested in buying a BotCon 2013 comic featuring Pinkie and Optimus?

    1. Silver-Ember


      Perhaps... Possible price expectancy?

    2. FlutterAether


      Well I bought it for £30 last year so if you have a price I'd be willing to negotiate something.

  6. what is up my dudes

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    2. Silver-Ember


      I nearly died in what "should" have been a car crash a month ago. :P (I'm being serious)

    3. FlutterAether


      Holy shit!

      It's good to see you avoided it and alive, take care of yourself <3

    4. Silver-Ember


      The fact I survived it was considered a pure miracle... Here's the pictures of my ex-car:


      And thanks, I have been from now on... That crash taught me a lot in a just a short time.

  7. Haven't visited the forums in ages, it's nice to see some new faces ^_^

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    2. Lunar Echo
    3. Holiday Agnaktor
    4. Kapitan zur See Hans (Daz)

      Kapitan zur See Hans (Daz)

      Welcome back, was starting to think most from when I joined abandoned the forums.

  8. Personally for me piercings and tattoo's are kind of like expressing your identity and who you as a person, I want my nose pierced so I can look more androgynous for example. However the same also corresponds to my belief in tattoo's, art that has had an impactful part in your life and a tattoo which is a constant reminder of it is always good.
  9. Justin Biebers new album is pretty.....good? o.o

  10. RIP Fnatic, great while it lasted

  11. So what team are you supporting in the Worlds championship? :D

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    2. FlutterAether


      That's so cool!

      Do you visit like PC Bangs and stuff? :D


      How is like League percieved there? What if you're bronze? ;-;

    3. PROJECT: Simon

      PROJECT: Simon

      All koreans are pros, no worries xD

    4. FlutterAether


      I heard Silver in korea is like Platinum in NA? ;-;

  12. Anyone else watching the League of Legends Worlds championship? :D #FNCWIN

  13. Hey you wonderful person, if you're ever feeling down and need a smile message me <33

    1. Fleur-De-Lis


      My phone died for no readily apparent reason and wont charge. I think its the battery, it does not come out because its one of those phones that do away with such important features (like changing batteries) in an effort to make it "slimmer" I am getting into Aura Kingdom and it feels like its all about grinding ... and there are life stuff going on that isn't going my way and its ruining so much :l ... I feel like i did something like this https://youtu.be/y3VRXVvr6XU

  14. I personally believe the franchise has enough longevity for 3 years plus with yearly EQG movies and a planned MLP film sequels are bound to happen, why fix something if it's not broken? But there's only so much a franchise can do so the best thing we can do is to just enjoy the current experience c:
  15. Okay, now it is good to be finally back c: <3

  16. Well that was certainly the longest break I ever had from the forums ;w;

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    2. FlutterAether


      I don't know where time went but I guess College and life itself just consumed me a lot which I had to disband the forums ;w;


      But hopefully starting to become more active with you all <3<3

    3. Silver-Ember


      It's okay. *hugglemcsqueezles* :3

    4. Fleur-De-Lis
  17. Just came back from the Avengers premiere, definitely deserves the best film for 2015!

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    2. Steelstallion


      OOOOoo! So it was really good? My dad and I were thinking of going to see it.

    3. FlutterAether


      It definitely is so much action, humour and emotion packed within this epic squad of superheroes!

    4. Steelstallion


      Sweet! We saw the preview when we went to see American Sniper. He was so excited.


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    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      *devises plot to steal those tickets*

    3. FlutterAether


      You'll have to come to the UK for that >:3

    4. Danfo98
  19. I really want to pursue my own Clothing brand ;_:

    1. Lisa


      Anything is possible.

    2. Juggerpony


      You can do it!

  20. It's been confirmed the comics have no influence on the show, the comics are a seperate universe which is sad really as there is some good material to use such as Nightmare Rarity. Though who's to say it's not possible that the show can't tie in within the comics, Hasbro should really look into a whole new universe and expand it much like how Marvel and their animated shows are tying in with everything.
  21. Meanwhile UK viewers are in agony, lucky US viewers ;_;

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    2. FlutterAether


      Online or TV?

      Most UK viewers watch it online but there's no uploads as of yet >.>

    3. chirox the pony

      chirox the pony

      I only got it bad for the first ten minutes and that was only because of all the people yelling "Communism" (because that was just so necessary).

    4. Holiday Agnaktor

      Holiday Agnaktor

      I watched it online, but the internet was terrible...

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