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  1. Maybe for us, bronies, not, but for 8-aged girls, maybe...
  2. Like feudal age? Kinda "I will keep you in my farm, protecting from evil creatures, but you have to pay with biological products?"
  3. I've read all your answers and, so... Writing "believe" in my topic was exagerating. I was trying to say "Do you guys think there are subliminal messages in MLP (in the evil way) or it's just bullshit?" I think now some of yours will understand now.
  4. In last year, I was completely addicted to watching videos about finding subliminal messages in animations (Disney, Pixar and stuff). However, I've really saw subliminal messages in MLP. I will mention some in an edit of this topic or maybe in an answer, but do you guys believe in that too? Or, if you believe, did you saw ones too?
  5. Do you guys ever thought that sending a lot of bodies into another dimension could do? In Equestria Girls movie, the whole mane 6 couldn't go (except Twilight) 'cause it could turn both dimensions to chaos! The best solution, if you call your friends, is calling some ponies from Equestria to go to this world to balance dimensions' mass. So that innocent ponies could become corrupted (you know why) and your wish to go to another world could make some ponies suffer.
  6. I would just say he is a completely retard sexist, I would assume I am a brony, send him to the place he belongs[Hell] and continue in my way. I don't care about the show of anyone's preference, but I rather end my frienship than continue one with a hater.
  7. I didn't tell no one about MLP. I only told a friend (who is a brony too). I live my life in a so normal way that even my mom don't realize that. And it isn't a problem. I didn't tell no one about MLP. I only told a friend (who is a brony too). I live my life in a so normal way that even my mom don't realize that. And it isn't a problem.
  8. I didn't understood what did you wrote.
  9. In some episodes, we all can see that Applejack deals with farm animals, which are intelligent beings[cows, sheeps...]. Wouldn't be anti-ethic to control intelligent creatures to produce to another --superior-- civilization, that turn its products to money that is used for only theirs purposes? The cartoon doesn't mention nothing about their conditions, but I can tell you guys that what ponykind does about farm animals are slavery. We, humanity, knows how bad it is. My opinion is that. I wanna read yours.
  10. Ah, I know that episodes, but I've thought Discord was an invader, you know, a simple villain. When he turned Equestria to chaos, I've thought he was a threat, not the RULER.
  11. I think Equestria is a nice place too. Who do not want to go there? But, like Ludicrous wrote, going to Equestria would turn your body to pony-shaped. Differently from Ludicrous, I wanted to be a pegasus, not an unicorn, 'cause flying, to me, is a dream. If I would go in Equestria, I would fly across the whole Empire, being an flying merchant. That would be cool. But I would not involve myself to Mare6, because I don't have any interest with they. Resume: I WANT to go, became a pegasus, be a merchant, and live in that way in my whole life, flying across a beautiful land.
  12. What? I didn't know about that. Which episode shows that Discord ruled Equestria?
  13. That would be nice. Thanks for writing the name of the episode, I was forgotten. But instead of showing one episode, why don't show a group of episodes, or an entire season?
  14. In my opinion, Equestria is too perfect. And that is a problem. I think Hasbro could show the rise of Equestria, against the evil forces that ponies had to combat to expand the empire. It could be more interesting. Showing the perfect economy and society of their actual world would soon lead to boredom. One could say: "But Equestria still has conflicts". I know. But those conflicts don't delevop the story as well as showing the formation of Empire. Let's be honest, 90% of the show are still mystery, and that actual conflicts don't solve less than 11%. Just think about it. I will unders
  15. Lemon Slices

    An Endless Pony Story

    ...And discovers that it is closed from the other side. So you step backward and fall in a hole that leads you to....
  16. But Equestria would still sunraiserless.
  17. Lemon Slices

    Hello Everypony!

    Fine. But ya know Brazil isnt a thing to be proud of.
  18. Yes, I guess. But, I've just thinking here while reading answers about this topic and they convinced me that the fact "die" cannot be applied in this cartoon. You know, this is a TV show for younger people. But thanks for the answer, I didn't know how fast people here answer my questions.
  19. Well, I thought about this too, and, in my opinion, it IS a good idea to "erase" Celestia off the show. Like Phosphorus said, that would help in the story development. The only problem is to find who is able to rise a sun, and I think no one else can do it frequently. Even Luna would be overloaded.
  20. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: Everyone who is a fan of something searches a forum about that. For me wasn't different, just typed in Google and "voilá!" How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I had a friend(well, i still have) who told me about the show. I just started watching it and I've kinda liked. Hello, My name is Rafael and I am Brazillian. To be more specific, living in S. Paulo. My life was an complete pressure. I was sad and depressed. My life was really awful. I don't know if this show act as a miracle, but ,
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