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  1. Lemon Slices

    Open Forgotten legend

    Renatta opened the book with her magic. "I am not sure I'll be able to cast this, no matter how much I am going to practice", she said aloud, but silent as a whisper. She was the slower pony, as the huge path to that building had almost consumed her legs. She wouldn't get rest for some long hours. "Renatta, you are fine. You just have to stand still." The other ponies were meters above her. The stairs was get even more covered by plants. As she took a little break to breath, a vine caught her tail. "What?" she said, using her magic to weaken the vine rather than just breaking it, and then es
  2. Lemon Slices

    Open Forgotten legend

    Renatta un-held the magic from her hood, thinking, "I hope I am making the right decision... They are friends, Renatta, they are your allies now..." Winds blew the hood away, showing her body. Then the ponies started to greet her. "Welcome my name is Ticktock Starblast, pleasure to meet you." "Hi, I'm Icesius Blizzard. If you're joining us, then prepare yourself for what's next." She didn't give them an answer. She was still shut. But after a second, she said, but with her head down: "...Oh, s-sorry. My name is Renatta. O-Of the Quartz family. I-I am on a mission." Noticing her own shyne
  3. Edit your first post, then go to Full Editor, than there is something with the "Searching" and a arrow to change it.
  4. People are trying to get in because of the "Searching" tag. Really. They are getting a bit trolled.
  5. Search Ahrix - Nova, and you'll hear that for hours.

  6. Well guys, did somebody post? It's not like the RP is in my latest visited threads...
  7. Lemon Slices

    Open Forgotten legend

    Behind of the hazmat pony, there was somepony, with the head down, hooded in sewn rags. Its white horn, and her tall legs, however, were uncovered, and only two things could reflect the light: Her lilac eyes, and her teeth while she grinned. By the eyes and the legs, and even the aspect of her half-illuminated face, it could be noticed that the unknown pony was a mare. From behind her, a big book was being moved by magic, floating and flipping though its own pages, creating a constant wind that was blowing away tiny debris and dust. Before this situation, as she knew nopony, and didn't have a
  8. Well, I would like to submit my OC, Renatta. This RP seems very interesting. I see that a spot opened up, I guess...
  9. Please, if you didn't watch the episode "Fall Weather Friends", 13th episode in the 1st season of MLP:FIM, please... GO. AWAY. Because you're probably not a brony. Kidding. My first RP about racing, and I'm very sure this will be most of you guys's first roleplaying in this genre. Well, the RP is about racing, as I already told. To refresh your brony memories, this RP takes place in the Running of the Leaves event, when ponies run to make the trees' leaves to fall, as they can't do it by themselves. But, however Applejack and Rainbow Dash were certain one of them would win, frien
  10. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "We... Well... Ahn... Listen, as I can see here, we have more importance here than we would ever have back on our world! Princess, if I can change this world, it would be a pleasure." "Not so fast. You can't go alone. Friendship isn't individuality. That is what make you a friend." He looked back. "Well, it depends on you. I think we could go back at the end of this, Hammer."
  11. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Guards, get back." She said, energetic, and then looked to the marble floor they were on. The room was a dome, divided in a side with bright and pink and other pale colors, and a dark side with dark-blue and black colors, and some white dots, to give more of a meaning of night. But the details that caught the major attention were the image of the Sun, made by pure light, and the image of the Moon, also by pure light. Both were at the white color, and spinning slowly, about a rotation per minute. Each side of the room also had a divan, and Celestia fell at her divan. "I fear that evil forces
  12. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    @, Celestia needed to not tell him much, although she knew he would ask more questions. "I... The life of a princess is too idle. I sometimes need to entertain myself. I spy in other dimensions. I felt... When I saw you two ending the lives of these, ahn... bandits... I saw two heroes..." "Wait", Raphael cut her unpleasantly, but later apologized with a gesture. "Did you bring us into this dimension looking for something we would do for you?" "No!" She got surprised. "I was going to explain to you two when we get in..." Celestia sighed, defeated. She lighted her hoof, and the same lights a
  13. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    Hammer's question was ignored, probably making him madder. "Well, the last thing I remember from there is that we were in a middle of a shooting, weren't we?" Raphael said, scratching his hair. "I... I could hear sounds of... Popping pipes like you two have... I could read their faces... I could hear your speeches... What were you doing there... Raphael, I suppose?" "We... We were in a mission, in a shooting. We are soldiers in duty, lady Princess Celestia. Actually, I think we two could die there..." Raphael his his unloaded Uzi under his vest, and the other one in his left hand. He is not
  14. K then. Yeah, being alone wouldn't feed the plot. But how would your character to get in Ponyville, in the middle of Equestria? I guess Manehattan is near the sea... And my char is in Ponyville. I could only communicate myself with Dapper Charmer's Mist Twister, so I thought you guys would realize. I'm editing my post to get more clear.
  15. Sorry people, I was about to post yesterday, but I had a sleep problem. I am posting this afternoon. Sorry. Wait. Yeah, Alabaster is in Manehattan. Me and Mist are in Ponyville... Manehattan is too FAR! What are Cruki and BDBT (Bronydoesbronythings) supposing to do to get in Ponyville? I don't think the train station would work...
  16. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    "What kind of hypnosis we were thrown at?", Lemon said, opening his eyes into seeing a place very different from the reality he saw a minute ago. Or more than a minute. He couldn't know. But at the same time, a feeling of deep shock and a strong fear of what was going on that blocked him from saying "Oh Celestia". And a word came from his past memories into his mind. "...they" "Did we got kidnapped?" Lemon thought, looking around to see a blank and empty room, with a white door slightly opened. His eyes went wide as he thought he saw a dark eye seeing him from behind the door, but he b
  17. He didn't notice that Mist was a bat-pony, so he jumped backwards, scared. "Oh, sorry, I... I didn't realize that. Well, I... I am pretty real. I didn't want this day to be real, though. I'm glad I found somepony, but I need information about everything that is happening. I actually live in a closed village, and it can't look like this town were attacked in less than a week ago. Actually, are you from here?" Lemon looked around him. Hundreds of building, broken, decaying, shattered windows, and busted walls, that made up a terrible background where even ponies could have in nightmares. W
  18. 1)Ok. 2)Ok. 3)What is flying at a slow rate? Flapping your wings at a slow rate wouldn't lift you. 4)Ok. 5)Ok. 6)Ok. 7)Really? Aw, it could be interesting... But not know whether the pony is infected or not would be even more interesting.OK
  19. Am I the last brony to finally know what is Rainbow Factory?

    1. Alpharius
    2. Guest


      Last Brony from 2013

  20. I forgot to read this. I made a 2264 char post. Shame. Well, I am going to ask several questions about that. Sorry for being too early. 1)Ponies are herbivore, not dependent on any animal secretion. Actually, they're omnivore, but more omnivore than humans. We have food growing from the ground (grass), although never in the show we saw anypony eating grass. What would we do to make things hardcore? 2)Rivers are abundant on water, and there are several lakes around Ponyville. Is water a supply? BTW, pegasi can generate water from clouds. However, the cloud-making process in Cloudsdal
  21. In that same day, in the dawn, Lemon's eyes opened, as well as his smile. His oldest sister was going to come by train to meet the rest of the family in his father's mansion, where he was spending the week in. His saudade was intense. It was about time she would come, so he woke up earlier, six o' clock. "Wait", he thought. "What kind of sound is this?" Groans could be heard. Some steps, as well. But that early? It was... "Fishy". Walking to the main corridor to get clues, he could hear groans at the other side of the wall. "It might be... In her room!", he was comforted with his conclusi
  22. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    She turned back, her eyes surprised with his reaction, surprised with the fact that he found out, but not surprised with the gun pointing at her. Celestia's mane and tail, however, kept its direction because of the winds that was coming. Actually, for two seconds, while she looked at him with 10% disappointment and 90% afraid of telling him, the winds were the only one who where producing sounds. The sky was totally clear. Her mouth opened for two centimeters, her eyes were half-closed... And the words had to come out. "You..." she then looked at Raphael, "You as well...", and then she looked
  23. Another RP, almost there! It will be my fourth in which i'm active.
  24. Lemon Slices

    Open The Walls

    When he looked up... The room was a bit dark, there was some lines of light coming from a hole in the ceiling. Dust and mold could be smelt there."Aw man, that floor hurts"... But when he realized there was ponies around him, he tried to stand up, failing. And the purple griffin raised her talons to help him, Lemon unconsciously held it for getting up. "Oh, thanks. Wow.", Lemon got scared, and walked back. Then he shook his head and realized that it was the said group. Everypony around him had powerful weapons, Salleriah had her sharp talons, and all of them had powerful stares. He was t
  25. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    The mural was lighting the entire room. It was very blurry in the beginning, and then he managed to see something familiar. "What?", he said, surprised with the change of images. The mural was animated, and comforting, so comforting that he subtly became hypnotized with the images, and even looking to another direction was unthinkable. And the images were all familiar to him. As the time passed, he remembered the faces of several people in the orphanage when he was a kid. And the other orphans, playing with him. The image of his adoptive father, Steel Slices, his adoptive mother, his sisters..
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