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  1. "Giant robots shouldn't fight!" ~Steven Universe

  2. Hello everypony and welcome to my musical musings! This blog will be a place where I post what I am currently working on, be it compositions, piano covers, maybe vocal covers, and whatever I can get out of reaper. I am not a experienced writer so part of my hope for this blog is to receive feedback and tips on my works. For my first post I'll be simply showing an eight bar phrase that I composed. Feedback is welcome. Woek.mp3Woek.pdf
  3. @@Nightmare Muffin, What I meant by saying it wasn't her fault was that she had no control over her situation. I don't remember where this happened, but principal Cinch told her not to talk to the canterlot high girls. If this happened before she talked to flutters then I see her justified in running because Cinch held her future hostage. I will admit there were times I thought she should just say "Why are you glowing" or something like that, but I felt she never had the mental state required to stop ask such a question, what with the future hostage thing, and the games. That was a really stre
  4. It is not SciTwi's fault. Everything she did in the movie was a culmination of what her life in school was like. She was a recluse, socially awkward with some anxiety thrown in, and all the kids her aged treated her poorly. Especially sour sweet. Why would she trust anyone other than herself? Flutter Shy could have gotten angry, I know it's Flutter Shy, but SciTwi did not now her. Also being scared is not a free pass, but it does dictate how some will act in a situation. When you are scared adrenaline starts pumping through the body, causing the fight or flight response. There was nothing
  5. I was at a point where I would have said yes definitely. Not because I was depressed of anything, rather I thought going to any alternate world would be amazing. Nowadays it is more of, "Unless I can travel the entire multiverse, I would rather live here because I can see all the worlds"
  6. My heart beats hard because of the adrenal response to stressful stimuli.
  7. Cranky old man voice "Back in my day, we had ponies learning the magic of friendship. Not this amoeba jousting nonsense" My take on what the future of TV might be
  8. Depends on what we teach them. It might be un-watchable compared to the TV of their time, but they might appreciate it.
  9. Hello pony's of the MLP Forums! I am Ivory Dreamer. I am looking to both improve my talents and help out my fellow musicians. Weird sales pitch: What I can do: I can play the piano. If you looked in the spoiler you will see that primarily I'm offering to play music that you have written. At my skill level I can play Fur Elise, Pirates of the Caribbean(Jarrod Radnich's version), and Lullaby for a Princess. So not much is out of my reach in terms of learning. Edit: I probably should put a link to one of the songs. Here it is https://soundcloud.com/ivory-dreamer/fur-elise
  10. Why Steven Universe! Why must you release so slowly! D:

  11. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV A Good Website for Anime?

    @@RivkaBobble, The crunchyroll premium is if you want to see the episodes right when they come out. Otherwise you can wait a week then they will be available for free. Since you are starting shippuden you will not need the premium for a while. The one thing I'm unsure of is if you need flash to use crunchyroll.
  12. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Anime recommendation thread

    If you wan't to watch a comedy anime about a girl who is also a squid watch Squid Girl. If you like a show that has love polygons, incredible character development and people living in the ocean, watch Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea. If you like dark fantasy adventure with magic and great story, watch Full-metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If you like oceans voyages that take place in space with a little bit of romance, watch Space battleship Yamato. If you like the idea of being trapped inside a video game, watch Log Horizon. Watch Space Dandy. Just watch it. It's about a dandy
  13. Well It's a birthday day for me :)

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      YAAAAAAAAAAY =)=)=)=)<3

  14. I'm on the fourth episode of Hunter X Hunter. I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I am loving the character interaction between Leoria and Kurapika.
  15. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Your missing Lapis Lazuli >:| Though my favorite between those four would be Amethyst. Gotta love them purple ones XD
  16. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I now know who Sour Creme's parents are! :WARNING: Spoilers from "Story for Steven".
  17. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I was just thinking about the first episode. You know, the one with the big Red Eye? I enjoyed the continuity when they mentioned the Eye in Marble Madness. However, I realized that this episode captured my attention. I find that interesting. Right from the start I was already loving the show, (maybe love is a little too strong but you know what I mean). The moment that I remember the strongest is when they fire the cannon and Greg is in tears. I think that is what convinced me that this show has merit, and not just another stupid cartoon. Also, Greg's character is portrayed really wel
  18. Very good season premiere :D /)

    1. DashYoshi


      Yes it was! =) (\

  19. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    A conspiracy theorist is right? Everyone run for the hills!! D: I do love Ronaldo though, he is so goofy. Speaking of polymorphic space rocks I do hope we get to see the gem homeworld soon. That will be a fun episode, potentially heartbreaking, but fun nonetheless.
  20. Ohh new banner! I likey! :D

  21. The Lego movie resonated deeply with my inner child. I was the Spaceship guy. I built spaceships left and right for most of my childhood.
  22. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I think Sour Creme is related to Onion. They both have lighter than normal skin colors, along with the dad of course, and their names make a pun! There is a a chip flavor called "Sour Creme & Onion". So yes it can be true that he lives alone considering his dad is away at see most of the time.
  23. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Well it is an emergency so his usual tendencies might not necessarily kick in. :shrug: I agree with you on the other two points
  24. IvoryDreamer

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Of course there is. The internet is just going through some awkward teen years. Yeah that probably is Sadie's mother, but what about Lars parents? The way that screen shot is laid out seems to put everyone together according to relationships. So either Lars is related to Onion, Mr. Smiley, or he just lives alone.
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