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  1. 278 notifications later

    1. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit

      And one more for good measure

    2. platinum_scratch
  2. alright, my official favorite cartoon characters are the three mexican penguins from happy feet lmfao

  3. hey everyone, sorry i haven't been on, I've had a realllllllly rough month

  4. well, its official, i am now single:,( again

    1. Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      I'm sorry to hear that. *Hugs* :(

    2. Sommar


      I'm sorry. :( *hugs*

  5. well, its official, i am now single:,( again

  6. how is everyone today?

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    2. DashYoshi


      I'm sorry. *hugs* =/

      Things will get better for you. Don't worry. =/

    3. platinum_scratch


      thanks *hugs* i hope so

    4. DashYoshi


      They will get better. Don't worry.

  7. hey everyone, I'm back with 500 notifications lol

    1. lync


      Welcome back :)

  8. im super stoked and nervous today

  9. don't go on the forums for a week, 116 notifications

  10. if anyone on here likes edm and is bored or sad, go to trap nation, they got some good music

    1. Oven Mitts

      Oven Mitts

      I enjoy trap as well as edm.

  11. just realized my b-day is in 15 days

  12. today really sucked

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    2. platinum_scratch


      yeah but now the person i helped hates me

    3. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      D: *Huggles* That's terrible! Why would they hate you?

    4. platinum_scratch
  13. Apple.mov added you as a friend, REALLY SHAWN

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    2. Petrus


      Nice name Shawn, are you friends with Swag.mov?

    3. Apple.mov


      no not yet


    4. platinum_scratch


      i had to introduce him to the forums

  14. aint no gunshots but they getting low

  15. eatin some kettle cooked tater chips lol

  16. THIS FREAKING GUY!!!!! *pulls out clock 17*

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    2. Comrade Courage

      Comrade Courage

      honestly I dont know what I would do probly something real stupid but your better than me you dont have to go that far

    3. platinum_scratch


      i don't know what to do

    4. Comrade Courage

      Comrade Courage

      well dont be stupid.... thats my job ok :)

  17. I've actually have a decent week so far

    1. Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      That's good to hear. Meh my week could have been better. I've been annoyed by people all week.

    2. platinum_scratch


      sorry bro, you gotta learn to block em out. yeah it may be hard but still, try it

  18. somebody snapchat me: ricochet03

  19. add me on snapchat : ricochet03

  20. can someone please PM me i think I'm gunna shoot this person ):<

    1. N.W.


      I can tomorrow yo, gotta get some sleep now.

  21. I'm just gunna say that gunna be drawing some more now but i might now post a lot this week because I'm going to be doing community service for MCJROTC

    1. platinum_scratch


      WOW i fail at talking lol

    2. Storm Shine
  22. dubstep- good to the last drop

    1. Clod


      We really need a brohoof button for statuses.

    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* 1: Yes. 2: Yes. 3: ..... *Huggles both* :3

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