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  1. FirstPonySpectre

    I'm back! Lmao

    Thanks for the welcome backs~ It's good to be back in such a kind community.
  2. I'm back after like, a year or something! Sorry for any inconvenience my sudden disappearance might've caused. >_<

  3. Wow. It's been like, a year since I've been here last. I had to stop coming on due to personal issues but I thought that now since everything has been sorted out in my life I can finally go back to doing things that make me happy so. I'm back!

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      OMG I was always wondering why you suddenly stopped coming on. I think I still have the RP XD

  4. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Well, this is actually my second time making a thread on this page. I figured since I haven't been on this forum in over a year and my account is still around I should make another post on this board! Sort of like a welcome back sorta thing. -shrugs-. Well. It's good to be back and I hope I can meet some new friends as well as rekindle a few of the friendships I bailed on so abruptly due to my personal life pulling me away from here.
  5. Feel free to post when you want. lol sorry for my inactivity, been busy as hell recently'
  6. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Scribblegroove, @@Evilshy, Joel took a sniff of the air, taking in the sweet aroma of the truth serum known as booze. Though Joel himself has never drank a bottle of this miracle liquid, he often uses it as a means to get a stubborn, or defensive individual to lower their guard and relinquish all the information that Joel wants to know, and something even more. This drink also had a very beneficial side effect. It's cause it's victims to forget everything that happened while they were under it's intoxicating effects. The smell of alcohol also brings back memories of the masked man's
  7. @@Scribblegroove, Hey, in your previous post you had referred to me as "Joel" even though Joel hasn't told Ivon his real name, he's only introduced himself as Masquerade so far. Just thought I'd point that out.
  8. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Scribblegroove, @@Evilshy, "This man doesn't know what a tavern is? Where has he been living?" Julia questioned, a bit shocked. "Well, looks like we found a sheep who strayed from the herd. Guess I'll have to play the role of shepherd now." Joel smirked as he tapped his fingers on his flintlock. "What are you talking about? You don't know how to herd sheep." Julia asked, even more confused than before. "What I mean is I'll be the one to teach him how this world works, and in turn, gain his trust." Joel said, his smirk vanishing in a slight embarrassment of his other half's small incom
  9. @, (FINALLY GOT OVER WRITERS BLOCK! YEAH!) Bittersweet strapped shut her saddle bag and smiled with excitement. She didn't really even take the time to look at the titles of the books just yet she was so giddy. Clearly almost unable to wait any longer to get to reading these books she began to scout out the library for a comfortable spot to read. Though most of the spots she found gave her a rather unsettling feeling that she just couldn't understand, or she could hear other's speaking about things that she, quite frankly, didn't care about. After a few minutes of cantering around she dec
  10. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Scribblegroove, @@Evilshy, "This is very strange." Joel thought to himself. "Yeah, this Ivon guy is kind of weird." Julia replied with a jest. "No, not that. The walls. Their clearly new. Can't you tell?" Joel informed the voice "Now that you mention it, they do look rather out of place." "Why would a small town like this need such solid defenses, and more importantly, where did they get the resources? Something isn't right here." "Perhaps there is a threat outside of the town." "That's probably the best start we have. I'm sure the barkeeper at the tavern should have some extensiv
  11. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Evilshy, "Didn't expect this man to be so... friendly." Julia remarked with a subtly shock. "Nor did I." Joel agreed, just as shocked. Joel reached his arm out and grabbed onto Gron's for a handshake. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Gron." Joel said with a kind, yet suave tone. His eyes studying Gron's outfit, noticing he's quite bulked out with a large shield belted to his back. It was clear to Joel that this man was very strong, and physical strength, though not as important as mental prowess to Joel, was still a trait Joel found useful in others. The slight jest
  12. This is an accurate on how I respond to being sick.
  13. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Scribblegroove, @@Windbreaker, @Evilshy, Joel began to head off the ship, walking next to Aaren. From the moment he stepped off the ship a sudden gust of wind struck Joel causing his trench coat to flutter in the wind like a cape. Joel put a hand on his fedora to make sure it didn't fly off. The gust passed and when it did Joel heard someone call out to him, referring to him as the one with the 'white mask'. "Well, it looks like you're popular." Julia remarked when the rather demanding man called out to Joel. "Let's be honest, when am I not." Joel replied, smirking whilst thinking.
  14. alright, I'm not gonna lie. I'm having maaaaaaaajor writers block right now, so pardon the really delayed post. Haha. T_T I'll try to get it up when I can overcome the dreaded writers block. :/
  15. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Windbreaker, Joel's eye made contact with the blue eyes of Aaren. Joel examined the man stealthily as he took a more informal stance, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trench coat. "It's perfectly alright, no worries." Joel reassured the man calmly. "Here's your chance! Make a friend!" Julia demanded Joel. "I'm not trying to make a friend. I'm trying to make a tool." Joel thought to the voice of his betrothed. "I'm going to pretend I understand what you're getting at here and say, go make a tool!" "Pardon the creepy looking mask, by the way." Joel attempted to subtrac
  16. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @, @@Windbreaker, "I thought you said you'd try it your way." Julia questioned the actions Joel had taken. "I lied." He responded as he stood back up straight. Using his hand to readjust his fedora and mask. "She's a weird one. Hmm?" She stated. "That's an understatement if I've ever heard one." "You going to give up?" She asked, disappointment in her voice. "Of course not. I'll befriend her eventually. Besides, I think I know exactly how to do so now. I just need some cookies." Joel remarked as he shoved his hands into his pockets, staring off into the distance. "Well you don't
  17. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @, (I figured as much, but this is sort of how Joel would approach the situation, lol.) "Brilliant plan." Joel teased the voice of Julia "Yeah well at least she's talking to you, correct?" She responded, trying to justify her previous order. "Just because you're walking doesn't mean you're going somewhere useful." He informed the invisible voice. "Point taken." She succumbed. "You can take it from here, Mr. Pedo." She teased. "Don't call me that." Joel ordered the voice. "No promises!" She responded with a snicker. A calm and still very collected smile on his face, Joel spok
  18. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @, "Woah, she got feisty quickly." Julia noted to Joel. "Evidently so. Perhaps I should be a bit more aggressive here." He contemplated. "That'd be stupid, Joel. Tell her you'd want to be her friend. Even if you don't want to be you're a liar anyway, so what's the difference You'll get on her good side and she'll think she has a friend, right?" The voice of Joel's lost wife requested. "Yeah, you make a valid point, Julia." He agreed with the voice before speaking to the young girl once more. "In all honesty, Ms. Mare I was just looking to make a friend. Would you perhaps be inter
  19. Well Joel's viewpoints are quite skewed when it comes to moral ground. I'm not gonna give much away but bullying and discrimination tend to have different criteria to Joel than others. If that makes any sense. Also as of now it seems that Alice is much more of a "teaser" than a bully.
  20. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @, "Haha! She thinks you're a pedophile!" Julia's voice laughed playfully. "Hmph, yes, clearly she acts younger than she looks." He noted to himself, ignoring the voice. "Perhaps I should alter my approach a bit." Joel chuckled gleefully before looking down at the young lass, making sure to have direct eye contact with her, and speaking in a very calm and collected voice. "Alice Mare? I must say that is quite the beautiful name if I may say, and it's an honor to meet you, Ms. Mare.." Joel complimented with a genuine sincerity in his voice. "Well, Ms. Mare, let me assure you that I am
  21. Just so everyone knows, I'm using two colors for his thoughts because he hears the voice of his dead wife. The crimson color text is that voice, and the gold is his thoughts. Just so everyone knows.
  22. FirstPonySpectre

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    Joel, (The gold text is Joel's thoughts and the crimson color text is the voice of his wife that he hears. Anything italicized is his thoughts and all. Just wanted to make that 100% clear so no one is confused.) Gracefully collapsing down onto a cushioned seat, Joel kicked back in a relaxed position, arms folded behind his head and sitting up right, his back against a wall. A bit too at ease to bother taking note of everyone in the room, for he knew he'd have the chance to analyze them later. Though as he gazed around the small room he saw two men preparing to spar one another. "W
  23. FINALLY! SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES EVIL WITHIN! Oh my god. So many people hated that game and I thought it was awesome! I don't understand the hate! T_T it was awesome!
  24. Bittersweet, Bitter's expression turned from that of a rather forced smile to that of a very subtle remorse; it wasn't enough to bring her down, however, as she made a simple nodding gesture to the green pony as if to say "Alright" before turning around and trotting towards the alchemy section. "The ponies here are quite nice." The pink mare thought to herself as her eyes bolted across the shelves. "It's a relief to know that I, at the very least, don't have any enemies. At least not yet." She calmly informed herself, though her thoughts were short lived as she turned a corner which r
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