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  1. @, @@SilverHeart, Hey, Just a question if you're willing to disclose the answer Where exactly is this manor / vacation spot? Or at least where the forest is? I totally understand if you'd rather keep it a secret, I, as a player, am just rather curious. Haha. Though if you'd rather not answer I totally understand.
  2. @@Scribblegroove, Alright. Thanks. I just felt the need to ask because I'm doing another RP (On another forum entirely) using a shy character like Bittersweet and I was doing the same kind of internal dialogue and some of the people there didn't like it all that much and told me to tone it down. Haha. ;-;
  3. FirstPonySpectre

    Gaming Is Nintendo irrelevant?

    BRACE YOURSELVES! UNSTRUCTURED AND UNREHEARSED RANT INCOMING TL;DR: Nintendo is, and will always be, one of the greatest developers of all time. Nintendo is in no possible way "irrelevant". They might not be at the peak of popularity anymore like they were in the past but that doesn't mean they're not going out of style. Nintendo is all about being different, really. They're always the ones taking a lot of risks with their consoles. Hell, the WiiU is their first console with hardware advanced enough to handle graphics that the PS3 and Xbox360 could handle. DESPITE this, however, they'
  4. My response to the question is no. They wouldn't. I do want to post this image because I feel like it's 100% relevant... My work here is done.
  5. I did? Oh.. my bad. Haha. That's probably what I get for editing my post at like, 1 in the morning. I think I edited that last post about three times (so far ;- after posting it because I wanted to add more detail in an area (Not changing anything major. Just adding more detail and stuff). I actually got up out of bed to add a mere few words just now. Haha. Writer's life too difficult.
  6. Hey, just a question for all of you, Am I going too in-depth into Bittersweet's psyche? Like, is it too distracting, annoying, or weird or anything of the sort? I can tone it down if that'd make others more comfortable. It's been a while since I've RPed as a character who is as shy as she is so if I'm overdoing the Character VS Self conflict she has going on just let me know and I'll bring it down a notch. Ha ha. ^_^''
  7. @@Windbreaker, Bittersweet could hear a mare telling her to relax, though she was still too nervous to even make any verbal or physical actions in response. She just stood there perfectly still. Hoping that the stallion would be half as nice to her as he was to the other ponies. Thankfully for the nervous, blue maned pony, he wasn't half as kind. He was just as kind. He spoke with sincere gratitude in his words and each syllable spoke brought more relief to Bittersweet. @@Scribblegroove, Almost immediately Bittersweet eased up a bit when the pony replied with the rather nice tone
  8. @@Scribblegroove, Yeah. I'm in the same boat. So far I've only been able to post once a day as well. :c Though so far it hasn't been too much of an issue.
  9. It can get so cold where I live that they have to cancel school due to it being too cold. -40 degree wind chills too strong.
  10. Checking MLP Forum in middle of school. no fear.

    1. Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Me too though the people at my school seem like they could care less.

    2. FirstPonySpectre


      It's the opposite for me. It's not that other people don't care. I just don't care. Also the fact that since the banner at the top of the screen doesn't have Rarity on it anymore, or any ponies for that matter, no one could really figure out it's an MLP forum unless they looked really closely.

    3. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      I do it all the time actually...when I am done with work

  11. Oh. I understand now. Pardon me. I'm a bit tired is all. T_T''
  12. Playing Diablo 3. Made a monk. Named him Bruce Yi. I feel important.

  13. Alright. I'll change that. Thanks btw. @@Windbreaker, Hey, you just recently posted and literally right before you did I made a post that made your interaction towards me somewhat obsolete. I can roll with it but it seems a bit awkward considering my post and all. ^_^'' At least to me.
  14. Bittersweet stared at the wooden floor of the carriage as she braced herself just in case somepony tried to greet her. After a few minutes she gave a sigh of relief when it seemed like none of the other ponies had any intention of engaging in conversation with her. The pink mare's composer quickly became much more calm with the thought she wouldn't have to converse in such a large group. "Calm down, Bitter. You're fine." The reclusive mare quietly said to herself under her breath, hoping the sound of the other ponies conversations would drown her timid voice. "They're just ponies, right?" Bi
  15. The sky was painted with a bright crimson as the sun began to set on the distant horizon. A calm breeze was weaving through the bright blue mane of Bittersweet, who was just on her way back home from the outskirts of the Everfree forest where she was collecting herbs for her alchemy. The dirt streets the unicorn walked were nearly vacant of any other ponies save for a few who were most likely on their way home right now. Peace and quiet, just like Bittersweet likes it. "Why can't Ponyville be like this in the day time..." Bitter questioned herself as she trotted home, the satchel on her b
  16. FirstPonySpectre

    General Media Rarest things you own?

    So, I just recently got my hands on a game for the xbox 360 called "50 Cent Blood on the Sands". This game isn't the most.. well.. mass produced of games out there and I'm pretty lucky to have found a copy at Best Buy for 10 bucks. Aside from this little "gem" I also own a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for the Gamecube, which is pretty rate. An un-used copy selling for a lot of money. Along with that I also own a copy of the Mortal Combat Trilogy for the N64 UN-OPENED and still in it's plastic wrap stuff. Anyway, I was curious what kind of stuff everyone else has that is rather
  17. I'm good at internets and fixed it. Honor me, Coach.

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      Good to hear you got internet back

    2. FirstPonySpectre
  18. Dear Bronies. My internet at home has been taken down and won't be back until January 9th most likely. I'm posting this from school. I'll try to be as active as I can in the meantime.

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6023crXgIQ <--- 300% Relevant. Trust me on this.
  21. I'll tell ya what would piss me off big time... LOVE INTERESTS that aren't there for pure comedic purposes (Such as that Rarity / Blueblood one in the first season ) I can't be alone here. You know if Hasbro had one of the ponies get into a relationship, no matter WHAT the case. Also... Can we be honest here... MLP:FiM has so many ships or OTP's it could make an armada. RELEVANT IMAGE (Even though the only ship I care about what-so-ever is Vinyl Scratch x Octavia.)
  22. It's pretty good But.. well... Those eyes, man... It's really unsettling. It's like they're staring into your soul. Then again I've never been one the whole huge eye thing on the Human Ponies. Aside from that it's pretty good.
  23. FirstPonySpectre

    General Media Why so many Sonic Fans? o.o

    lol boom... I remember my friend got Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for me as a joke. It was.... so bad... Like, have you ever been doing something... and it was so boring you wanted to go do something else... but you kept doing the boring thing because you thought something exciting might happen? That's what that game was for me. Like, every fifteen minutes or less I'd encounter a glitch or something that... well... was just hilarious. One time Amy's eyes just.. turned pure black for no reason. It was kinda creepy. ;-; To be honest I never explicitly said that I think all Sonic fans are "m
  24. FirstPonySpectre

    General Media Why so many Sonic Fans? o.o

    Well yeah. But I like to think people out there actually made this thinking they'd be awesome. Okay? Don't ruin my dreams!
  25. FirstPonySpectre

    General Media Why so many Sonic Fans? o.o

    But to what you said before, I know there are still good sonic games. I mean, I've never played Generations so I can't speak for that one. But I did like Colors.
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