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  1. Hello there.

    It’s been a long time. I was last active around 2 years ago. I’ve long since left the fandom, due to the show’s increasingly poor writing, bad character development and shoddy production quality. I have no intention of coming back to watch MLP, nor will I follow it into Gen 5. Times change, and I need to move on to other things.

    This is a final goodbye and thank you to all of my old friends from Poniverse, as well as anyone else I’ve befriended on the forum. I will no longer be posting on the forums, nor will I be active anymore. If you want to get in touch with me, message me via my Twitter: @SawbonesYT.

  2. The newest installment of my somewhat popular 'My Little Pony In Brief' series is here! This one features an amazingly talented voice cast, including Wubcake, Sonicrules831, FateMLP, JamesTheBrony and Irish O'Conner! Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!
  3. Sooo...Trump or Clinton? I'll take Bernie any day.

  4. 1. The romance sub-plot between Twilight and Timber is entirely pointless. It adds nothing to the movie. It doesn't develop Twilight's character in any way. It's there for the sake of being a romantic sub-plot. 2. The whole demon form thing is getting old now. Out of four films, three have done it, and I can guarantee you that it's going to happen again in one of the next two films. At least with a character like Chrysalis they waited a while before bringing her back and raising the stakes. Whenever a demon form of a character pops up, it's nothing new. It's exactly the same as before with very little difference. 3. Gloriosa's reasoning for not wanting to shut down the camp down is stupid. She really doesn't want to because of some predictable guy in a suit who wants to turn it into a mall. Speaking of the predictable guy in a suit, why is Filthy Rich so nice and friendly despite being incredibly rich, but in the film, why is he such a douchebag who wants to build a mall in the middle of nowhere? Aren't the human characters meant to be similar or outright the same as their pony counterparts? Maybe because he's so underdeveloped they couldn't think of what else to do with him. Maybe there's two Filthy Rich's in both universes. One who's nice, and one who wants to build pointless things because he needs more money. 4. Stop reminding us that the characters were evil at some point. It's been done with Starlight in Season 6, several times with Discord throughout the series, and with Twilight and Sunset in the films. Just say it once in a throwaway line, not six times in every movie since Rainbow Rocks and making it incredibly unsubtle. 5. Gaia Everfree doesn't show up until about twenty minutes into the film. The Dazzlings were established in the first two minutes of the second film, Sunset was established seven minutes into the first film and Principal Cinch was established around the ten to fifteen minute mark in the third film. Everything before Gaia's introduction is bland, cringeworthy filler. And not only that, Gaia isn't even the real antagonist. It's a mystery box of which of the camp leaders is the villain. It's not Timber, because he keeps getting caught doing suspicious things. They try to mislead you into thinking Timber's the villain, and although it's got a good dilemma for Sunset to try and tell Twilight her suspicions, but it boils down to either Gloriosa or Timber, and since they play up Timber as the bad guy, I guessed Gloriosa, and hey, I'm right. No shock there. 6. Why are the human Main 7 given superpowers now? It's a stupid idea, and I want Equestria Girls to be different from the show. Now the characters can talk to animals, run super fast, have super strength, can make shields, have exploding balloons and read people's minds. Why is it making the characters more like the show counterparts with this change, and why was it done in the first place? Urgh.
  5. I did make it clear before stating that it would have been better suited to Starlight, as well as many other times in the video, that these are solely my opinions. None of my opinions are factual. I apologise if it came across as though I was stating something was factual. Starlight getting rid of Twilight by using time travel makes no sense to me. Why time travel? There are multiple other ways she could have gone about removing Twilight. Like I said, her coming back and convincing/brainwashing others into believing her way is right, and ultimately leading a revolution against the princesses and taking over as the sole ruler, forcing everyone into her way of thinking, removing cutie marks from everyone, including Twilight. That way, Twilight is left powerless, but her determination helps her through and allows her to succeed. With your third bit, I'm assuming you mean Starlight. Twilight can't be a parallel to Twilight unless there are two Twilight's with opposite personalities and share the same name. Joking aside, Starlight is a great parallel to Twilight. It makes the conflict more interesting, hence why I can't stand her reformation, as there is so much more they could have done with her. Her reformation is my biggest issue. It's a cheap way of writing your way out of a situation like changing history and destroying a spell that could set everything right if you just reform the character. And your final point, I agree. That's why I said if they were going to do the time travel thing, they should have done it with a different villain, and not Starlight, who, in my opinion, isn't suited to messing with time considering the events and what we learn about her in 'Cutie Markless'. I don't mind things being done the same but on a bigger scale. It makes it much more dramatic and shows how far the villain will go to get her way of thinking. It's conflict. Twilight and Starlight. One representing democracy, the other communism. Raise the stakes as high as they can go, I'm invested, I'm on the edge of my seat, I'm enjoying myself.
  6. Absolutely. Take a look at any TV show or film. 'Doctor Who', 'Lost' and 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' for instance. These things all have one thing in common. In the case of 'Doctor Who', both it's fans and it's head writer and showrunner keep wanting story arcs and new characters that never go anywhere. These characters are believed to be a popular character from the past, and when it turns out to be someone else, people get disappointed. This is a result of the series using the mystery box formula way too much. Same with 'Lost'. They created a bunch of loose plot threads hanging around that never got resolved, and people set their expectations way too high, leading to disappointment. 'Batman v Superman' was believed by many DC fans to be the film that would beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Titanic and Avatar at the box office. Aaaaaand then Rotten Tomatoes gave it a big thumbs down, and it failed miserably. People set their expectations too high with MLP too. It's a kids show. It can appeal to all ages, but at the end of the day, it's a harmless, slice of life cartoon about talking colourful ponies who occasionally go on exciting adventures to solve a friendship problem or save the entire kingdom. People have to realise that not every episode is going to be good. Look at 'Newbie Dash'. A great concept, terrible execution with unlikable characters, awful writing and abysmal morals. It's gotta have bad episodes so that we as fans can point out these flaws, and then writers can take our feedback into account so they know what they can do to improve next time they write an episode. Weather fans like it or not, there's always going to be bad episodes. It can be one, or it can be a lot. There's going to be a lot of disappointing episodes that had you hyped up, but failed to do what you wanted. Look at the Changeling episode from this season. Many people were over-hyping it and it got a lot of hate because it wasn't what "we hoped for." This just goes to show that this series can get over-hyped,and can lead to major disappointment, but we have to deal with it and move on, because guess what? It's a kids show. It's certainly a bold one for using communism back in Season 5, but it's still a kids show, and it always will be that.
  7. Yeah, Season 6 has been one of the more weaker seasons, and I'd say it's been a bit of a dud. I stopped watching the series for six weeks straight after the Changeling episode, and out of the six I missed, I've only enjoyed two. 'Dungeons & Discords' and 'The Fault in Our Cutie Marks'. In fact, they may be the only ones I've fully enjoyed this entire season other than 'Gauntlet of Fire'. All the other episodes have either been flat out terrible or just forgettable. If I'm not hooked on the first episodes of Season 7 next year, I might just give up on the rest of that season. We'll have to wait and see.
  8. I have to agree with Mesme and others that it doesn't work that way. We do all have different opinions about characters, and I'm one who really hates Starlight because of her reformation, the way it was handled and how it didn't work. All of my thoughts regarding her reformation can be seen here:
  9. Something I cooked up in about an hour! Enjoy!

  10. I'm thinking is there more people who hate Newbie Dash than Mysterious Mare Do-Well. It's a very hard question for me to answer, as both episodes are terrible.
  11. You get kicked out because you put a space between 'for' and 'got'. It's all one word, darn it!
  12. Good evening all!

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  13. Just ten minutes ago I started watching Doctor Who: The Aztecs. Pretty good stuff so far, I like it!
  14. Luna's easily one of the stand out characters for me. Very likeable and gets a lot of development, but I do think she's a tad overrated. She's a great character, but either I'm not seeing what others are and she really is the best character in the show, or everyone's going a bit overboard about how great she is. I did an episode on Luna for my 'MLP In Brief' series a few days ago that parodies what I think is an overreaction to her greatness (don't get me wrong, she's still second best pony for me ) if you're interested. You may get a laugh, you may hate it and think I'm a big stupid-face for not seeing the hype in her character, but hey, it's Luna, and she's still second best pony imo.
  15. Fans are for the weak. In British Summertime, I open my window slightly if it's above twenty degrees. No need for fans in my room! A warm radiator would be more useful since we're coming up to winter!
  16. As ever, the British Empire triumphs! Expect spoilers in the Poniverse Skype chat, Mesme!
  17. Death is inevitable and I've grown to accept that. I previously feared death, but as time goes on, you learn that it's going to happen sooner or later, so you may as well make the most of life before the end occurs.
  18. So, as a lot of you may know, Legend of Everfree was recently leaked online thanks to some lovely guy who recorded the English dub. I was excited. The previous film blew away my expectations and I expected to come away from Legend of Everfree satisfied. But no, as you can tell by the title, I wasn't. This is easily the worst thing to come out of the Equestria Girls brand so far for me. It's predictable and boring. With the other three films, they all had a reason to exist. The first one was an introduction, the second was the struggle of a reformed character who felt judged by those outside of her friendship group and had to prove herself by taking on the villains alone and helping her friends back on their feet at the end, and the third one, my favourite, was similair to the first film in several ways, which was noticeable, but it was done well and different enough and fully wrapped up the character arc of Sunset. Legend of Everfree has no reason to exist. It takes forty minutes to establish something as basic as the antagonist (who isn't Chrysalis, which I initially expected). In the other films, we knew around 10 minutes in who the antagonist was. The Dazzlings were established in the first two minutes of the second film, Sunset was established seven minutes into the first film and Principal Cinch was established around the ten to fifteen minute mark in the third film. Gaia Everfree (who is nothing more than a monster for a story round the campfire dating back 250 years about the camp leaders' great grandparents but is believed to be responsible for the strange happenings around Camp Everfree) is established twenty minutes into the film, and those first twenty minutes only establish a couple of things. The place the characters are headed, which you probably knew going into this film anyway, the leaders of the camp, one of which has a crush on Twilight and the other turns out to be the antagonist, which I saw coming a mile off, and while we're here, why is Twilight put into unnatural and forced relationships in the Equestria Girls movies? Her relationship with Timber Spruce is unbelievably cringey to watch throughout the film. Sunset and Flash also have a few moments together, which never felt cringey and god awfully awkward, it felt like a normal, believable relationship was starting again, which I expect we'll see more of in the next film. The other characters are fine, there's not much to say about them to be honest. They don't get much development compared to Twilight, Timber, Gloriosa and Sunset. Gloriosa is "Gaia Everfree" by the way. I put that in quotation marks because despite what Wikipedia says and calls her "Gaia Everfree" in the cast of the film, she looks nothing like her when she transforms and isn't linked to Gaia in any way and it would be impossible, as Gaia Everfree is in a story from about 250 years ago and Gloriosa stumbles into a cave with magic gems from Equestria around the time Canterlot High visit Camp Everfree. And to anyone who says her turning out to be the villain wasn't predictable, it was. Once you start watching films like Wreck It Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootropolis that have seemingly innocent characters who turn out to be villains, it becomes a fantastic trope. I tend to play games during kids films I haven't seen following those three films mentioned in which I attempt to guess which innocent character will turn out to be the villain. And I played that game here and got it around the twenty to thirty minute mark. They try to mislead you into thinking Timber's the villain, and although it's got a good dilemma for Sunset to try and tell Twilight her suspicions, but it boils down to either Gloriosa or Timber, and since they play up Timber as the bad guy, I guessed Gloriosa, and hey, I'm right. No shock there. And she transforms into another demon like Midnight Sparkle and Demon Sunset, at which point, yep, been there, done that, Twilight is convinced she's not Midnight Sparkle anymore like Sunset was in Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, and then everything goes back to normal, film ends, and I'm facepalming. Not only is it unfunny, cringey, dull and predictable, but it's the same we've seen before twice already, and it really doesn't make any difference other than it's a different character as a demon thingy. I really hate this film, and I don't want to go on any longer. So long folks, and take care. Also, why are the human Main 7 given superpowers now? It's a stupid idea, and I want Equestria Girls to be different from the show. Now the characters can talk to animals, run super fast, have super strength, can make shields, have exploding balloons and read people's minds. Why is it making the characters more like the show counterparts with this change, and why was it done in the first place? Urgh.
  19. So, here's a new video I made guest starring JamesTheBrony and FateMLP! This was fun to make and took a long time due to other commitments, so I'd greatly appreciate any and all feedback and views. Coming up in the next blog is a Legend of Everfree review with big spoilers, but to be honest, if you've seen the film, you saw the twist coming at the end.
  20. I honestly think a lot of people who do MLP reviews can be far too nice on their reviews of episodes and tend to have the positives outweigh the negatives. So I decided to take a unique approach to reviewing MLP and analysing it, and I made this video on Starlight from a somewhat pessimistic point of view and why I felt her redemption was pointless and how she didn't work as the villain for the Season 5 finale: I intend to do more of these. I currently have these planned out: Why Newbie Dash Was A Failure Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco Did Spike Justice A Fourth Equestria Girls Movie Is Unnecessary So, for the meantime, enjoy my current editorial, and stay tuned for more editorials that will be posted upon completion! It'd also be great to hear your opinions on my video. Feel free to reply to this topic or comment on the video, feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I made an editorial! Check it out here:

  22. Well, I'm back. What did I miss?

  23. For context, please watch: Now that we have got that out the way, allow us to proceed. Greetings. I am Retro. An ex-reviewer of MLP episodes. Why? I don't like doing it anymore? Yes, but there is more to it, and I want those who are either small in the Bronalysis community or are trying to start up an MLP reviewing channel to read this, because this is important. Something I've noticed about the Bronalysis Community is how hard it is for the little guy to find their footing. Now, when I started, I knew I wasn't gonna be big overnight, I highly doubted I would ever be a big deal. So why did I do it? Because I loved doing it, and when I had people comment on my reviews, saying that I should do more, it kept me going. It made me want to push myself as a person and a reviewer. So why did I stop? Because the Bronalysis community isn't what I would deem a welcoming place anymore. You can't really do anything original, because you've only just started out, and people just think you're someone trying to cash in on the reviewing ordeal, when it's actually something you enjoy, and they brush you off and don't give you a chance. I've heard a lot of people who are very popular in The Bronalysis Community say in videos and livestreams, that if you want to do MLP episode reviews, don't do them because "there's too many reviewers already". This is what I mean by an unwelcoming place. If you wanna do something you love, do it. It doesn't matter if there are too many reviewers, you deserve a chance of doing what you love as much as anyone else. If at first you don't succeed in what you love, trying something else and finding enjoyment in it is the next step to success online. I'd suggest putting your own unique spin on the reviewing episodes formula, and eventually you'll have a style of reviewing that makes you stand out and gets you more attention. Why don't I do this? Because like I said, I don't enjoy reviewing episodes anymore. It's boring to me and just a chore to do nowadays, but if it's what you love, then do it, make yourself known and do what you love, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mind. Retro out.
  24. When you check your status feed and see that literally all of the updates are 'Kyoshi has posted a status update'...THE KYOSHI VIRUS IS ATTACKING! BLOODY HELP ME!

  25. SomeRetroGeek

    Blame Simon Day!

    Sounds good to me! We need a comic for Blame Simon Day!