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  1. The Real Minty <3

    Favorite 2-Parter?

    Either The Return of Harmony or The Crystal Empire
  2. The Real Minty <3

    Movies/TV Help me understand Dr Who!

    You beat me too it damnit
  3. The Real Minty <3

    What are you grateful for?

    Im just grateful to be alive and be part of this fandom to have so many excellent and kind people as my friends Life in general is a luxury
  4. The Real Minty <3


    Ah, welcome my good fellow You know, you sound exactly like me, those are also my favorite passtimes Except unlike you I happen to be a 14 year old sophmore... Enough about me though, what about you What are your favorite games sir?
  5. The Real Minty <3

    Gaming What games have you pre-ordered?

    Idk if I should preorder Fallout 4, I loved New Vegas, just not sure
  6. The Real Minty <3

    Gaming What games have you pre-ordered?

    I preordered Destiny Taken King because I love destiny
  7. The Real Minty <3

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    *gets ran over trying to hug train*
  8. The Real Minty <3

    General Your theme song?

    My theme song People pleaz listen to this
  9. The Real Minty <3

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts or Zelda?

    Between the two, Kingdom Hearts by a long shot... My Reasoning: Why wouldnt I, Kingdom Hearts was the first videogame I ever got my hands on and beat completely I have played and beat all the KH series at least 3 times The only Zelda I really enjoyed was Majoras Mask
  10. The Real Minty <3

    This Video Is Confusing

    Yo, so, click this link and someone watch this all the way, what message is he sending
  11. The Real Minty <3

    Dogs cubed

    Dogs Cubed? I thought that was some sort of mathematical equation... Cats to the 4th power
  12. The Real Minty <3

    Worst rip off experience?

    One of my friends was really stupid, he bought a broken xbox 360 with no games and one controller for 500 US dollars... *facepalm*
  13. The Real Minty <3

    hello i am new

    "Silence will fall when the question is asked" Lel, you sound exactly like me, except you probably have more of a life then me, well, I digress, welcome to the forums, and I hope that you have a gr8 time here m8 Might I ask who is your favorite Doctor, mine is David Tennant