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  1. graceface

    Rarity and Opal

    I already agreed to do twily next, but i can get our precious fluttershy third
  2. graceface

    Double Diamond

    beautiful!! I love this little bro of a pony!! the color and the style is really nice, the whole thing is easy on the eyes
  3. graceface

    Rarity and Opal

    I know right?! Her and Pinkie/Gummy are gonna be hard, but fun! I think i could oblige to that
  4. Did a drawing Of Rarity with Neko ears holding her kitty. I kind of want to draw all the Mane 6 as anthros, using features from the species there pet is (Aj as a Dog, Flutters as a bunny Etc) Tell me what you think and what you all would like to see next! GraceFace
  5. thank you everypony for the birthday wishes! I am having a great day!!!

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Wait, it's your birthday? No one told me!

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy this time in which we celebrate your twenty-fourth trip around the sun. :P

    2. DashYoshi


      Happy birthday! =)

      Glad you're having a great day today!



      Happy birthday! =) Hope things get better for you now that you're older :D

  6. graceface

    Visual Art Your hair is so flippy

    oh wow that is a generous comment and thank you i dont know what to say past that I blush!
  7. graceface

    Visual Art Some original drawings

    Last art post for the night I promise I love to doodle my fan art but i love my original characters even more. if you could give me critiques ,advice, and maybe some encouragement as you feel is needed this started as wing practice and it ended up looking like my best friend XD Adrian , she is a "dead" girl i like to role play as sometimes this girl has no story unfortunatly, i want to fill the void space with her thoughts. that is all i have for tonight. if anyone would like me to draw something send me a PM. I will draw anything that amuses me really
  8. graceface

    Visual Art Raven's Profile

    just a quick practice sketch. I love Raven she is my favorite titan
  9. graceface

    Visual Art Your hair is so flippy

    Hello. I did a sketch of one of my favorite cartoons i watched growning up (and now) Kim Possible tell me what you think
  10. I love putting my giant discord figure on my roommates nightstand as he sleeps. He wakes up yelling like Hank Hill

  11. This is definitely exciting. maybe since they announced it before the release of season 5 they will start on it sooner and get it out before winter 2016. I agree that season 6 will probably be the shows limit. then things might start to get gimmicky or lackadaisical in writing. Do you really think that the CMC will find there cutie marks at the end of this Hypnosparkle? or is that a little wish you want fulfilled? Im wondering how they are gonna mix the mane 6 traveling across equesrtia (and beyond~) to solve friendship problems and still mix in the slice of life. (maybe they flash ba
  12. graceface

    OC Sculpt

    I like it! she is super adorable. i would keep her on my work desk to keep me company sculpting isnt easy and it is noticeable you worked hard on it! be proud and make more. one day you will be the pony sculpting master!!
  13. i like the variety of styles used!! it looks like you are having alot of fun with your art!! I love Dashie in the dark magician girl costume idea of her being so secretly nerdy she cosplays XD
  14. cute i like how she is cut out like a paper doll....i would have alot of fun with that
  15. Applejack is definietly adorable! i like the Derpy picture alot to. keep up the good work! Draw the CMC!!! (mainly scootaloo XD ) but really draw what you want
  16. yeah i clicked the wrong photobucket link XD i think i fixed it. thank you
  17. thank you I drew my OCs today this is peacful heart, she is a representation of my artistic/ hippy side This Is Squish, she is the side of myself who is still trying to figure out who she is. she looks more like me design wise....but i cant help thinking she looks a bit like pinkie
  18. Hello Everypony, Grace Face here. I figured since I am going to be drawing frequently I might as well make a big thread instead of making a million little ones. I love doodling and sketching and practice is always a good thing! So feel free to suggest drawings and critique Drawings I did this week a work in progress of aj and apple bloom Octavia
  19. Yeah the sweetie bell thing irritated me the most. and i see where it looks like the moral is lost...i dont even think I found a moral. But I did enjoy the interaction between the Mayor and AJ...alot XD I wish they had just a few more pages to solidify everything
  20. I think I want to practice my pony anatomy today. Any requests on who to draw?

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    2. You Heard Nothing
    3. graceface


      that sounds like an excellent idea!She is such an elegant pony.

      I will work on her today and post tomorrow!

    4. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      ok cool! i look forward to seeing her!

  21. graceface

    Pinkie Line Art

    yeah I am having trouble with bodies and legs a little... transitioning from people to ponies is actually kinda hard XD
  22. graceface

    Visual Art Fairy certain she's a bad guy

    I do want her to look a little creepy, but i agree i could fix up her mouth a bit when i scan it and thank you for the compliment!! I practice hard and it is good to hear feedback
  23. I like to help my friends design characters for there story ideas. this is a design i was playing with for a chaotic fairy in a comic my friend wants to create. any thoughts?
  24. This is a drawing i did of pinkie pie. I like how it turned out, I think I may need to tweek a couple lines on her. What do you guys think?
  25. graceface

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Welcome back to Everyone Love's Hypnotoad
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