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  1. Think this should be about love, compassion, caring, and anything positive. After seeing some one deleted my thread I hope they have a good laugh. There is nothing funny about my depression and if I broke a rule then you should've told me. I really hate MLP Forums. What a terrible website

    1. HereComesTom


      They might tell you in a few minutes; mods might have an act-first-and-explain-later policy.

      I was trying to reply when I realized it got erased; I tried to ask whether people were citing work/school as a reason to not log in for two weeks at a time, when you needed someone to talk to?

      ...And then I got an EX0 error code...

    2. GrimGrimoire


      Because you called someone out, spoiler or not. I get that you were/are upset... but you still have to control that. You have to be stronger than the anger and depression when it tries to cloud your judgement. Otherwise the thread was fine. I was planning to respond, but oh well i suppose. You could always PM a mod and ask to reinstate it with the spoiler removed.

  2. Welcome @Off-Kilter and enjoy on here
  3. Surprise

    Hi Im new Here!

    Welcome @CarlMrgamer. This place is friendly but exploring on here can tells you lots
  4. Surprise


    Hello @Star Petal and welcome to MLP Forums
  5. Surprise

    Friendly Greeting

    Hello @Cestrum and welcome. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat or have any questions
  6. Hello @hiobjo and welcome to MLP Forums
  7. Surprise


    Welcome @pumpkazin and have fun on here
  8. Welcome @Dubstept Cuneo and hope you have a good time on here
  9. Surprise

    hello everyone ^.^

    Welcome @TwinkleStars and I hope you have a fun time on here. Feel free to message me if you in need of chatting with me
  10. Surprise

    Huzzah! A Newbie!

    Hello @LaPony and welcome to MLP Forums
  11. Surprise

    Hello, guys ^_^

    It's cute too right?
  12. Surprise

    Hello, guys ^_^

    Hey @MC'01 and welcome to MLP Forums
  13. Surprise

    Hey there!

    Welcome back @Chaotic Overlord and hope you have a good time on here
  14. Welcome @MisterFlix and I hope you like it here on MLP Forums
  15. Surprise

    Hi im new here~

    Welcome Flower and I hope you enjoy your time on here
  16. Surprise

    Hi I'M new

    Welcome @RaphLuna and I hope you love your time on here. Also awesome character too
  17. Welcome @wil and hope you like it here. You'll like it here once you get to know the basics on here
  18. Hello and welcome. I'm not sure what you asking but if you need a friend then you have me as a friend
  19. Surprise

    Seasons inquiry

    Hello @Pie Kn1ght. I hope you have a good time on here
  20. Surprise

    I'm new Hi

    Welcome @medicationtime and hope you have a great time on here. You'll make many friends on here too
  21. Surprise

    mlp rocks

    Here. Have a Fluttershy like on my sig
  22. Surprise

    mlp rocks

    Welcome to MLP Forums @princessmaddie
  23. Surprise

    Hello :) I'm new

    Welcome lunar and I hope you have a fantastic time on here
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