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  1. Surprise

    Hey everypony

    Welcome Dor20. I'm glad to see you love the fandom and starting the reviews.
  2. 50% - ??? 15% - Shy 20% - Random 15% - Serious I am indeed random and sometimes I won't notice I'm being like Pinkie Pie. I'm mostly shy around new ponies I meet and shy to share conversations with one another, especially what I enjoy and do daily. I'm pretty serious about many things no matter what it may be. Overall I'm not too sure what makes me 'me'. I guess anyponies may know about me more than I know about myself.
  3. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks. This means a lot to me with all the warm welcomes I see here.
  4. Sonata Dusk, although I don't seen her official pony form yet. Which ponies makes me happy? Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Derpy, Scootaloo, Fluttershy....well...actually...I guess is all ponies and including the non ponies like The Dazzlings.
  5. Surprise

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Recently woke up from feeling sadness. I'll have to get through my morning phase.
  6. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks. I'll try on the fun part if I can Flutterstep
  7. I'm glad you love them. It's all thanks to my mind thinking like Pinkie that day. So silly and randomish.
  8. A marshmallow mixed in a bowl of banana flavor ice cream.
  9. I have these two gifs I want to share. Here they are: and one of my favorite I have more I want to show. I'll think about if I should pile the chosen non Surprise gifs here or if I should have a separate thread for it. Anyhow those two are the gifs I've done and they're as random as Pinkie Pie.
  10. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks Airbourne. Pinkie/Pinkamena is my favorite of the Mane 6. She also the reason I read up and learn who's that white pegasus that look exactly like her. I also like sun related names which gave me an idea of this username.
  11. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks Twilight. I can feel how lively it is on here and to meet some friends in. I'm feeling better every moment here.
  12. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks all. I'm back and also feeling bit better. I'm not 100% better and won't be easy for me to get well soon but a little bit better is better than not feeling better. I'll look around here and see what active topics catch my interest.
  13. I made a lot of usernames in the past but those aren't related to the time I got into ponies. However the names associated cause of them are - Shadow Derpy - Shadow Chicken Pie (Pinkie is cute in a chicken costume) - Sunrise Surprise (current and hopefully the 'mane' account) I also make funny Steam names replacing 'Sunrise' with Sun words. Things like Sunflower Surprise or Sunset Surprise or Sunday Surprise, and etc.
  14. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks Kyoshi. I'm going head out to play one Steam game to get my mind feeling at ease for a while. I'll be back after a good long play of Puzzler World 2 (and hopefully I remember to have this forum bookmarked to my new tab page)
  15. Surprise

    A New Person Here

    Thanks everyponies, and I never knew losing a love one would impacted me this badly. The pain, especially in my heart still lingering but I'll try get my mind off...her. Few ponies told me that over Steam.
  16. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: Google search. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Anti-bronies couldn't stop hating the bronies, which cause them to make me look into MLP and watch some episodes until I became a fan. Hello, I'm new here. I'm not good at making an interesting intro but I'll see what I can write down about myself. About Me: I'm not so sure about myself. I guess I'm a mysterious person but other than that I love MLP and Equestria Girls and sorta closing in near age 30. I watch few animes that I like and on
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