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  1. No . A lot of the people who like Pac-Man are grown adults,so you don't see them around the web that much. And either way the Pac-Man you see today(the one you're using an avatar),is not known by many. Everyone out there only know Pac cause of his original design.
  2. Sega is desperate enough to do anything.That's sad and honestly truly pathetic.
  3. Honestly watching that episode,i was waiting for AJ to say we gotta build a wall.
  4. Life has been stopping me from posting alot on here(or anywhere really). And it doesn't help i lost interest in the show. I still watch it,but stopped caring.So you might see me on here once in a while. Maybe
  5. Just like everyone else. It was meh. The two thing i liked,was spoiled rich and the spa ponies being there. Everything else is forgettable.
  6. This was a very cringey episode. Like man i had to force myself to finish this episode. Who ever wrote this,needs to go back to the drawing board.
  7. Yeah she should,if we need another edgy overrated character.
  8. Loved this episode. Had a very good meaning (with more)that actually applies to the real world. Just cause people tell you you're forgiven,doesn't mean you are. Or they forgot about your past, cause people never forget no matter how hard they try. Loved that. And the faces in this,were cute as hell.They were so many! Trixie and Starlight are great together,Celestia didn't say a thing,guess Hasbro didn't want to pay the actress.
  9. Anyone else thinks that big dragon looks like it came from an old Disney movie?
  10. This goes for every community out there. The bad always outweigh the good
  11. There's something called the Brony closet? Wow
  12. When people stop doing fan art of the show. Then we will know MLP is truly dead