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Everything posted by Derpii

  1. Closed- I don't want anyone creeping up on me in the middle of the night.
  2. None. I have to get up for school early so yeahhh... Allergys prevent me from eating school lunches. Lucky me!
  3. This is completely off topic but I love your name @MilesEdgeworth. I am English. :3
  4. Geek Freak Reader Introvert Crap Music-Lover Writer Drawer
  5. I have both boy and girl clothing, I like jeans and hoodies at one time and in the next ill be wearing a frilly tanktop with a skirt in the next....
  6. Night owl for real. Rather then sleeping, I like to Watch Speed Racer or Play Online. I now make myself get off at 12 am though
  7. Chilling, Happy, And a sorta Content feeling....
  8. Hello There! Have fun at the fourms!
  9. Derpin on Tumblr.... My Tumblrs Cool_Like_Bowties if ya wanna follow me...
  10. My soneck Screwdriver, it tells me fings.

    1. Jeremiah
    2. Derpii


      It was from a meme, I know its Things, Danka doe. ;3

  11. The only reason I'm not aganst Peach and Daisy is I want to play as a Human girl Char in games. :T
  12. Hallo Dere! Welcome to the fourms! Just send me a PM if ya need helping out. :3
  13. Cry. Thats what I did when the 11th Doctor rengenerated... not to mention that music was fueling my emotions.
  14. Trauma Center. Very old DS game im in love with.
  15. Awesome Lunas! Keep on Drawin'!
  16. Welcome to MLPFourms! Hope you make lots of friends here!
  17. OH MY GOD WHY WOULD U POST THAT BUG. I have a Fear of Death.. cried myself to sleep sometimes...
  18. Eheh.... Cortana on my phone sucks.... Siri is sassy. XDD
  19. I mean that like after G4, G5 Can start right after that, and we wont have a LLOOONNNGGG WAIT...