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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'd like to point out to one thing you miss. Troubleshoes is happy to be a clown, sure. And he can become a famous artist. But Starlight is happy too, to be a reality-warping omnipotent being. And she can become a sole ruler of Equestria just by wanting it. That's the catch. She's happy to have omnipotence, too.
  3. Have you ever wondered how unfair the whole concept of cutie marks is? I mean, okay, it's a special talent, and so on... but just why? Starlight has got nigh-omnipotence, Twilight is an amazing mage that can make to appear anything she wants... I don't know, Rainbow Dash is a super powered flyer. And what about poor Troubleshoes? He's a clown. His destiny is self-humiliation. Or how about an offician pony? His special talent is to serve food. Compare it to Starlight's nigh-omnipotence. Sounds really fair, right? You can argue, that ponies are happy with their talents. It's true, but -- the ponies who've got a long end of a stick are happy with their talents, too. And on top of that, they have amazing powers. What is better? Be a happy clown, or be a happy almighty pony? I think the answer is clear. You can argue, that real life works similiar. It's true, but again -- a common janitor can open a business, or go to a free college (Europe, Brazil, etc) and become someone more succesfully. While a pony cannot. They are doomed to have their talents for the rest of their lives. It works fine for Starlight, because she's nigh-omnipotent, but what about Troubleshoes? He's doomed to be a clown, who humiliates himself for living, and no matter what he does -- he will remain a clown. That sounds like a horror movies, to be honest. I already made my mind about this thing, but now I want to hear the others. Any thoughts?
  4. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the show and the forum are different things, are they not?
  5. Ponies from 3,5/3 Generations. And by lack flaws, you mean not brainwashing ponies and not trying to destroy the world, like Starlight did? Or you mean not throwing innocent ponies into a jail, like a sheriff did, in "Appleoosa's Most Wanted"? Or not making your friend cry, like Pinkie did in "Filli Vanilli"? Or not ruining the whole reception, like the mane 6 did in "Best Night Ever"? Or not throwing ponies back, like Bon Bon did in "Putting your hoof down"? Or not turning the lives of ponies into living hell, like Babs Seed did, in "One bad apple"? Or not sabotaging and exploding the whole factory, like Rainbow Dash did, in "Tanks for the memories"? Or not brainwashing the whole town, like Twilight did in "Lesson Zero"? Or not nearly killing five ponies, like Lightning Dust did, in "Wonderbolts Academy"? Or not being bigoted racists, like Twilight and Rarity, when they called mules stubborn (Applebucking Season) and ugly (A Dog and a Pony show) respectively? ("A Dog and Pony Show" has Rarity's reaction to being called a mule: She screams that mules are ugly and breaks down into tears. However, later on mules are shown to be a sentient "race" just like ponies.) Or not being a speciest, like Trenderhoof? (There are several instances (Particularly in Sweet and Elite and Simple Ways, of unicorns looking down on or at the very least condescending to earth ponies, particularly Trenderhoof's seemingly innocuous line about having "respect for the work ethic of earth ponies".) I can go on further, but you've got the idea. Look at the RL reaction at racism. And in the show nobody cares about racism whatsoever, which makes ponies even bigger jerks than people. Here are examples from TV tropes, with racism that nobody cares about: Scrolls down to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic section. So, being a bigoted racist is not being a jerk or what?
  6. It just means that the writers have no idea what they are doing and can't get their job right. It's called incompetence, when you can't make good characters without them acting like jerks, or being flawed. But since Hasbro doesn't care about the show's quality, as long as it generates profit, I don't think something will change.
  7. I apologise for not being clear.
  8. I hate them because they are jerks.
  9. Why would they look up at humans, then? There ain't no worse example. Instead, they could've made likable characters without them being jerks. Is the only way to make a likable character is to make him a bastard? Is that all what writers can do?
  10. Hi everyone. I'm sure everyone noticed that ponies from G4 became really mean and overall horrible, compared to their counterpants from the previous generation. I mean, they are greedy, violent, lying, cheating bastards, who will do anything, no matter how low it is, to achieve their evil goals. And I'm not just talking about villains, I'm talking about all ponies, even so-called 'heroes'. It hurts to watch. Why are they such jerks, how do you think?
  11. I doubt that there are talented economists, politics, scientists and other required people to create a nation. Plus, if you'll even try to ask for a piece of land from UN... well, I don't think you'd like the outcome. And that little unclaimed part of Antarctide is too cold. So, maybe buy an island? Got any spare million-another?
  12. Since they stopped caring about the lore even before they started, I guess nothing could be done. Nobody asks them the "Lord of the Ring" level elaboration of lore, but at least "Harry Potter" would be nice. Or "Mass Effect". So far, I can't even tell that MLP has any lore whatsoever. It's my opinion.
  13. I've had experience with hundreds of people. Too many to be just a coincidence, don't you think? What I deserve and don't deserve is nobody's business. And if you can only respond with violence, we've got nothing to discuss. I do not generalize. I analyze what happened to me for several years, and the outcome is clear: "Friendship doesn't exist". I apologise if it wasn't clear from the beginning.