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  1. In a word...Yes! I seriously wonder why people make such as issue out of this =p
  2. I really like the Sombra one, I think the idea of a massive war was really cool. I liked the Nightmare moon one, I imagine in that reality Equestria would declare war on the other nations and invade them to expand its empire.
  3. Pony Wars That was freaking Epic. I totally loved the alternate futures, loved how Dark they were and ithink the Sombra and Nightmare moon ones would have been great shows in their own right. The Flim Flam reality as them as presumably being a capitalism monopoly was funny. Would have liked to have seem maybe a corrupt Celestia or Evil mane six member one though (Evil Applejack starting a civil war or something to match the how Applejack won the war fanwork would have been great). Some really amazing costume designs and concepts for the many soldier ponies. Maybe it would have been better if Starlight would have been killed or incarcerated rather than reformed as the reformed villain act is getting a bit old in the teeth. Finally I have to say that the best Twilight story ever.
  4. So far so good. Some really good episodes, however some mediocre filler like ones, especially in the last few months.
  5. She has not had much screen time in a while so its not to surprising for her popularity to decline.
  6. Gaga the Pony liked the episode, but it wasn't amongst the best of the season. I liked how Apple Jack is totally ignorant to popular culture. I actually prefered Rara's original costume and music style to how she ended up in the end, The theatrical pop track was a lot better than the generic Piano song she changed to. I suppose you would class this as a musical episode but I think I would have rather had a mane six singing episode to be honest. Finally a lot of people are saying they didn't like how Rara's manger didn't get his comeuppance but I have to disagree, to many times in mlp the villains are reformed or defeated so its a nice change that they let one get away with it, but to be honest his career is most likely ruined after the broadcast of his conversation with Rara and Equestrias biggest music stars off his books.
  7. Physical when I can, if I buy something I like to actually own it. Not be just a license holder.
  8. I kinda found the whole thing underwhelming, mostly stuff we already know was coming out, remakes and DLC.
  9. Build a Bear ponies. People seem to love them, but the manes and tails look nothing like they do in the show.
  10. I would suspect becasue male Bronys can relate to Rainbow Dash the easiest with her being a tomboy and find Rarity the hardest to relate to being the most feminine (and the only mane six member who matches the medias idea of how a woman should "behave"). However Rainbow and Rarity are my 1st favourite and 3rd favourite respectively. I like Rainbows colour scheme and the fact she is a jerk with a heart of gold. I like Rarity becasue she has some brilliant quotes.
  11. Mane 6 ships and to a lesser degree Equestria Girls (EG films are good but proper MLP is sooo much better).
  12. I really like Animal Crossing, but have only played New Leaf. I have to admit I don't like the way it punishes you for not playing by making everyone leave =p, so you can't take long breaks and not pick up from were you left.
  13. Hey, thanks for the add xD

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      No problem, my friend.

  14. UK of Equestria is a Good Forum. Not as busy as here but still very active.
  15. Ohhh, Am now a Cupcake xD

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      Nope, I quite like not being ate.

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  16. Because she looks cool, especially considering her appearance is quite a contrast to the neat and clean aesthetic of the normal ponies. Also Villains are always popular in any fandom.
  17. Just watching the show and enjoying it for what it it is fine. Thats what I planned to just do until I bought my first merch (so far I only have four things but want to expand my collection a bit more) and did a bit of fan art. Basically just do what you enjoy, its up to you and no one else!
  18. Yeah I think it would be a good idea, Especially considering people can easily emulate stuff by downloading ROM's on PCs, Androids, I pads, PSP's etc for free. Also I bet you could easily pick up some of the games on the VC in their original format for not much more or even less.
  19. Anyone know if these will be coming to the UK?
  20. Anyone else miss the pre 2014 art style? I think the newer style isn't as good and the animation is a lot poorer, some times they just have a still shot with just one characters mouth moving and everything else a still picture, which just looks really bad.
  21. Its an anime (may have been a manga first though) by the same creator, (in my opinion its not very good, gave up after watching a few episodes), it has plue in as the main characters companion. They did an Fairy tail and Rave crossover OVA as well.