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  1. Got a school project, must get 50 likes on this video

  2. I'm Sorry.... so Sorry..... I left you guys......I feel bad not being on the forums too much.....Contact me at skype : skycr4ftdie

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      That's fine. :)

  3. Hacktune turns at Vinyl and nodded signing that He would join them at the Lazer tag. After Octavia explained to him the condition to use her piano, Hacktune said "Don't worry, I had one at home, I know exactly how to take care of her(the piano)." He said with a confidence tone while giving a smile. He gestured to Vinyl saying "Sooo...?"
  4. hey guys, i'm so sorry for my absent. Time been a rare item at the moment

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      Catpone Cerberus

      No need to apologize, this isn't school. :P

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      Yeah, it's all cool. :)

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      Thank you. I know I've been missed.

  6. @@Mentis Soliloquy, @Summer Breeze, w "Well, three of us could be roomates, two of you can sleep on the beds. I can sleep on the floor, don't worry thought. I'm used to it" He said as he smiled to both of the mares. "about the guitar. I'll play it other day, sorry summer" He went to sleep, setting his alarm clock carelessly, and plugged to the subwoofer. In the morning, He mistaken set up the alarm, so the alarm rings with dubstep songs. He wake up , realizing he's late for class and no time for breakfast or, time for anything. He quickly grabbed his books and starts rushing to his class He had problems finding the class, but eventually . 'Oh Merciful celestia please don't let me be late' He entered the class, "Sorry, Am i late?"
  7. @,@Jestwinged,@Summer Breeze, "Alright, kewl. Anypony Intrested being my roommate, just come knock at my door" Hacktune said with a smile, "Well, I'm gonna prepare the room, so i'll be going. Ciao" He said while levitating his belongings. He trotted to the Crystal house and entered his room."Well, gonna start preparing." He placed his guitar beside the bed. And start arranging his belongings. He set up his small subwoofer and speakers, and stores his keyboard under his bed. He levitated his poster of Fallout Equestria and Placed them on the wall. 'I Think that should suffice for now, I wonder who's my Roommate' He thought whilst sitting on his bed waiting.
  8. "WOOOOHOOOOO, HERE WE GO, THE UNIVERSITY DAYS" Hacktune shouted "alright, so any1 wanna be roommate, assuming that we get to choose our own room here" he said to the other crystal pony attenders. "Any1?, How bout u summer?" He asked. He looked at his watch and thought 'It's almost late at night'
  9. I'm terribly sorry, if I didn't reply to any of you at status, or RP, or anything. It's not that i'm Ignorance, I.... just don't have any time to browse the status,rp,anything. and i don't exactly have a phone, but again.. Sorry

  10. Damn it... Music Block Art, something

  11. I got my ways. last resort is asking my uncle to escort lol
  12. Well... I grab my calendar and go watch DEADPOOL MOVIE YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  13. "Alrighty, Crystal house." He went down the stage. " I'll think I'm gonna wait out till all of it done" He said while going back to his seat. 'Welp, maybe I could play my guitar after all of this done.' He thought. He took out his phone and started to stream in the social media.
  14. "Alrite, thanks. Sometimes just going into deep thinking just, great I guess...." Hacktune put his hoof into the shoe like as shadow said. then the color appear. Hacktune looked into the color curiously "This means I'm staying at crystal house?" He asked,raising an eyebrow
  15. Hacktune dived into a deep thinking, he think about life, meaning of it, everything. He doesn't realize he's being called. After a moment, all the information feeded back into him and he suddenly stand up and said "HERE", he took off his headphones "Sorry, I was in a deep thinking." he said with a smile. He come up to the stage. "So.. how do i do this?"
  16. Finally.. The 1920 x 1080 version is done : http://fav.me/d9pyz0m

  17. Hacktune sat down and said to @@Summer Breeze, "If it's my turn can ya tell me?" Then he levitates his headphones to his ears, he took out his phone and played a soft music, he looked at his guitar 'maybe after school' He continued listening to his headphones while waiting for his name to be called.