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  1. Aaa thank you! If you could send me the original file somehow that'd be grand. I suppose e-mail would be easiest? If it is! My e-mail is ! I'll add you to my commission list~ Shouldn't take too long to do but I had plans to do other things tonight >w>;
  2. In that case, I'd be interested! I'd ofc like you to draw Bright - who'd you like me to draw?
  3. Just to be clear; just a headshot? Also, are they actively vector files, or are they just lineless? (EG: Could I scale them up or down indefinitely and not lose any crispness, or are they just regular .png or .jpg files?) Sorry, not looking for base recolors.
  4. Hey, this isn't a critique thread! I am happy with my ponysona. Please refrain from critiquing character designs unless asked for - thanks!
  5. Bright Ink's Art Trades Hey everypony! That's right - I've made a trade thread, too! If you'd like to see my artwork to decide if you'd like to try trading with me, please check out my deviantart! Now, as with my other threads, things will work a little bit differently than some other threads... You see, I'm not looking for one specific thing in exchange for my artwork. I'll accept a number of things! But first off, let's get to... THE RULES The rules for trading with me are pretty much the same as my regular Terms of Service, except... 1) Your "payment" is your half of the trade. Therefore, your half must be done before my half. 2) You don't have to be 18 years or older to complete a trade with me! Young artists are welcome! 3) Because I'm a busy guy, there are still no deadlines when it comes to my half. I will try to slot you into my commission list as a normal commission - but if I have to push things back because I need money, trades will be the first to be put on hold! 4) Since your payment is a service/product, I cannot cancel a trade after you have paid. (Just in case you were worried!) 5) If your half of the trade is not done within two months, the trade is cancelled unless you clear it up with me and I tell you I can still do the trade. This means if you finish your half after two months, I am not obligated to finish your half. (This is to prevent getting into a situation where I can't complete my half of the trade because I'm too busy - so please understand!) 6) Obviously, I cannot take mature/adult commissions here. Do not ask for them. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR I am currently looking for original artwork, pixels, puppets/3D models, or animations involving my ponysona, Bright Ink! I might also be interested in any of the above, as well as stories/music, for some of my other characters. I'm also willing to consider drawing some "free" artwork for folks who have a significant watcher count (over 1000) on DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity, etc. who are willing to promote me and my work over there! Nothing fancy - a journal, post, or reblogs would be acceptable. But you MUST ask me first, or you won't get anything! And, of course, do NOT post anything to the forums here - it's against the rules! (If asking for this sort of thing as a trade is still against the rules, mods, please let me know and I'll edit the post! The rules aren't 100% clear on this, specifically.) HOW TO REQUEST A TRADE If you'd like to request a trade, please simply list what it is you're offering me, along with a link to examples of your work, and then what you'd like from me in exchange! A good rule of thumb to follow is to offer something you feel is of equal value. EG: If you want a shaded pixel doll, you could offer an inked shaded full body.
  6. Thank you! While I do enjoy the show's unique style, and could surely copy it to the T if I really wanted to (as you can mostly see in those old bookmarks!), I also like adding my own flare. It just makes things so much more enjoyable for me. ^^ Plus, nothing wrong with standing out!
  7. Bright Ink's Art Thread Hey all! I had an old thread here, but decided to start fresh since it is pretty outdated! Every time I make a new piece of pony-related art, I'll update this thread, and post a link to it in this post! An archive of my old art will be available below in the spoiler. Listed from newest to oldest! NOTE: This is not a character critique thread! Please refrain from critiquing characters shown here; thanks! (PS: I'm generally open for suggestions on how to improve my work, but please only give "constructive" critique! EG: Don't just tell me something looks funny - offer something like a tutorial or an offer to redline it! If your critique doesn't offer me a way to improve my work, I'm not interested in hearing it. Thank you!) MY THREE MOST RECENT WORKS ARE... Aug 11, 2016: Bright Ink Aug 7, 2016: Aurum Sep 18, 2015: Small Alicorn Bookmark Lineup
  8. Your avatar is really cool.

  9. Hey guys! I actually decided to go with design #4! I kept gravitating back to it, so that's the design that'll stay!
  10. Well, I don't use SFM myself, but I imagine bigger is better. try a 2000px X 2000px canvas!
  11. It really depends on what you're using it for! If you have access to a vector program, that would be better, because vectors can be scaled up or down without losing detail. Otherwise, just make it as big as you think you'll need it! (PS: DPI is very important, and should be around 300!)
  12. I'm actually pretty happy with the mane and tail, personally. I DID give a go desaturating/darkening/lightening them, but I think it makes it look either 1) washed out, or 2) like pond scum ;w; So I'll be keeping the mane and tail as bright as they are! Thanks for your feedback, though! :'3
  13. Hey all! I'm going to be coming back into the pony scene, but, I just... never felt satisfied with my previous ponysonas. At this point, I KIND OF have an equine sona already, but they're not specifically an MLP pony. SO, I wanted to make a proper MLP sona, and have kind of worked out this design so far. His name is Bright Ink, and he's a freelance artist who specializes in drawing cartoon animals! (Base credit to SinfulBases on DeviantArt - Original art credit to the show! - I added the mane/tail/hooves/cutie mark!) I'm just having trouble deciding which of the above to use! ;w; He IS pretty gay, so I'm heavily tempted to keep the rainbow colors in his cutie mark as a representation of that. But I'm not sure if it's too much? I'm also not sure if I want to make him a clydesdale pony or not, and I know normal ponies don't have hooves... So yeah. opinions wanted!
  14. Bumping this thread since I'm going to try to be active here again!