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  1. Passed all of my semester exams with B's HAH eat it college

  2. Well then the Japanese version of mlp is interesting. Love the singing though

    1. Kyoshi


      The singing is amazing, though I think they forgot that Scootaloo was supposed to sound bad in the talent show. XD

  3. *Needs to learn how to draw or pay someone to draw my oc* Le sigh

  4. Oh my..... I ment to put this Oh my.... I meant to put this in the critiquing page. Maybe this is a sign I should stop staying up late XD and yes any help would be great as I am starting out as a beginner for music, but I meant to say this a side thing since it is a short song. I feel very stupid now XD Very sorry for the inconvenience
  5. This is my way of removing this post I am sorry I meant to post it on another page, but being up late and doing this was a bad idea I'm very sorry

  7. Practicing for a video audition today and I have to stop because the castodian is moving tables and the doors have to be left open. uggggg

    1. Headless PiratePony
    2. Tritone


      7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps

    3. Headless PiratePony
  8. I think I am going to rewatch the episode that got me into the show/fandom

    1. Malinter


      always a fun thing to do. I do that XD

  9. Late night gaming is great when you work at 9:30

  10. Thanks for the critiquing. The trumpet part is not that high throughout the entire song and it is that high near the end for Twilights voice and even then I am going to drop it down an octave and put an optional 8va there, as for the trombone part it is low near the end because from what it sounds in the music that is what it calls for, but I can change it. Now for the tuba I am trying to match the quartet up with the song as much as I can and it's not all that boring, but as I said before I can change it. Key is one of the things I always have trouble with so thanks for the help on that and I am currently going through the song changing it to match up. Once again Thanks for the critiquing and I am currently going through the song right now adding breath marks raising/lowering pitches and what not and will give an update sometime tomorrow.
  11. Finally finished the base of my quartet now to add the finishing touches:D oh sweet Celestia I hope people like it

  12. The fact I finished my first quartet song and will be uploading it to youtube in a dau r so just scared that people will hate it *hint hint* It's an mlp
  13. Here is a little taste of a project I have been working during Christmas break and it is finally well almost finally done just need to add a few defining points with crescendos, staccatos, and volume markings. So enjoy this little taste magic as the song will be released on my channel in a day or so. Oh and please leave your responses on how it sounds. Thanks and Enjoy Video is in the link. Trumpet French Horn/Mellophone Trombone Tuba

    1. Kyoshi


      This sounds exciting. :o

    2. Tritone


      Thanks man. I have been working on it for about 1-2 months now and hopefully the community will like it.

  15. Life is gonna great today!