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  1. Hey, Adagio is my waifu. She is too Sexy. Also Sunset Shimmer for how adorable she is.
  2. An Adagio mini? Oh god I can't wait for her and the rest of the Dazzlings and Sunset.
  3. This fanclub is about the best ship ever SunDagio and all of their adorable sexiness.
  4. I fully agree, Adagio is sexy. I'd go for her, especially if she's with Sunset.
  5. If i had to choose, I'd go with Sunset, She's really adorable.
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: I found out about this site through fimfiction. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I started watching it around when season 2 was about to be released. I was curious on the show and decided to watch an episode of mlp to see what it was about and before I knew it I marathon season one and was waiting in front of my tv for season 2. Hi Hi! I am Hiro Azuno, I am somewhat of an artist and has been in the fandom since the start of season 2. I'm a big fan of ships and I like reading fanfics and comics of them. Also I am a fan of anime, art, and music(Dubstep, Rock, Japanese, and orchestra), favorite instrument is the piano, second is the violin. My pony OCs are Vanilla Pudding(EarthPony), Midnight Dawn & Mindnight Dusk(Faternal Unicorn Twins), and Vivace Star(Siren). Favorite Ships: DazzlingSun (The Dazzlings x Sunset) SunDagio (Adagio x Sunset) Sonaria (Sonata x Aria) Adaria (Adagio x Aria) Twixie (Twilight x Trixie) ScratchTavia (Octavia x Vinyl) FlutterDash (FlutterShy x RainbowDash) RariJack (Rarity x AppleJack)