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  1. The epic intro to "Magical Mystery Cure" featuring the "Morning in Ponyville" song and the highly choreographed and detailed action. I rewatch it a lot because it goes by so quickly, yet establishes so much about the next 20 minutes of tour de force ponying.
  2. Lapsang is very strong, yes, but usually Thai tea is brewed with Assam. Either way, I've moved on to things that are a little more subtle- Jasmine, Lemongrass, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Prince of Wales. That would be cool, but you could go even further, like with a double name like a lot of ponies have that's descriptive of a physical feature or simply alliterative. The name Ceylon Smoke or Smoky Ceylon flashed into my head...but, it's your horse.
  3. Lift an existing black tea name. Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong sound pretentious as hell, but there are countless others that sound much more believable and pony. What about Assam? If he was a little more exotic-looking I would even suggest Rooibos or Mint Mate or something as high-handed as Golden Pu-Erh.
  4. Dave's Killer Bread has great crust.
  5. Repeatedly falling asleep while driving and being woken up by the rumble strip. Watching someone lose their mind in the throes of a severe migraine. Drug-induced existential panic (a bad trip). Hallucinatory sleep paralysis.
  6. If you like Dashie and vocal samples, these two are some of my favorites with those traits... And if I had to pick a favorite Brony musician, it would be Glaze, hands down.
  7. I guess sincerity really takes the edge off of taboo eventually.
  8. And I got this on vinyl, first pressing.
  9. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. srsly. good soundtracks and gameplay
  10. There isn't any "new" classic literature around because usually it takes a couple of generations for a work to be recognized as "classic", which means it says something of great insight about the time in which it was written. Also, The Great Gatsby is one of the most important American novels ever written, philistines.
  11. Bjork, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Carole King, the woman from Cranberries, Janis, Stevie, Nico (only on "All Tomorrow's Parties").
  12. I like musicians who make music that feels like its own world and who make it seem like a conversation rather than delivering a sentence on me.
  13. I like to remain at cuteness level 5 most of the time because cute=harmless in most people's minds, and I like to put people at ease so I can start talking. If I'm trying to impress someone (or myself) I can ratchet up my cuteness to 7 or 8 and I do that with a lot of color coordination and acting like a cat. Best time to observe this is from 10 pm-10am daily.
  14. Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, Aquarius rising. I've got me figured out. I get along well with other Earth signs and whoever is best suited to be the listener because I'm the talker.