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  1. Every time I have a bout of free time, and energy, it's quickly pulled away by the call of the dollar. A lucratively shallow life.

  2. Too busy to write a blog post every day right now, only enough time and energy to lurk.

  3. I've a warm bed, a full belly, and a happy wallet. All things considered, I'd say I'm quite content.

  4. Well, that could have been worse.
  5. TheMaskMaker

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Mother Mother (artist) What is your deepest fear?
  6. TheMaskMaker

    Rarity Fan Club

    When I began watching the show, I found rarity to be an instantaneous favorite. At the time, I was still uncertain of whether or not I was a brony, and she really carried the show for me. I adore every scene she's in, and I personally find her to be the most well rounded of all the mane six. She has the perfect amount of character flaws, balanced by an unshakable foundation of charisma and elegant charm.
  7. TheMaskMaker

    Ask Jaxsie!

    How do you feel about the current state of youtube, as a creative platform?
  8. It's comforting knowing that, even if I disappear for a few days, this place will still be wonderfully positive, when I return.

    1. Riganthor


      positive unless you read the season 6 doomthreads :D

  9. I've not been able to type, very well anyway, for the past few days, because my left hand has been a touch numb from fingertips to wrist. Three days ago, I was "bumped" by a car, while crossing the street. A young lady found her cellular activity to be more important than watching out for pedestrians (or red lights, for that matter), and she only managed to stop just quickly enough to only make minor contact with me. I'm really lucky my hip and leg fared better than my hand; my biggest injury truly came from catching myself on the asphalt. To that end, she's really lucky my size elevens didn't
  10. Or perhaps "Early Morning" would be a more fitting title. It's currently 5:32 a.m. at the time of writing this, and I can't say I've anything of great importance to say. Nothing particularly noteworthy happened between now and my last post. Nothing ever came of the mildly disturbing texts I received late last night, and I only worked half a shift in the afternoon, today. While today has been but a touch boring, it has left me with plenty of time to reflect on this week, so far. I have to say, everything has seemed to fall wonderfully into place. Maybe I've become more tolerant of minor setback
  11. I've been playing the game, heavily modded, for a couple of years now. I actually just finished my third playthrough a month ago. This is something I'm absolutely looking forward to, As much as I'd love to see it in unreal, I can't help but feel as though the Unity engine will help it retain some of its quirky magic.
  12. Nine days in, and I still love everything about this community.

    1. Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Jaxsie (Inactive)

      c: Like any community, it has its ups and downs. But the good is what makes this forum great ^^

  13. Feels as though time was wasted, but it wasn't a bad day.

    1. Kyoshi


      It not being a bad day, that is at least one positive thing. Me, I am not sure how I feel about today. It felt really off for me for most of it.

    2. TheMaskMaker


      Well, in that case, the best thing to do would be to get your things in order, and look forward to tomorrow.

  14. TheMaskMaker

    Ask The Mask Maker.

    I wouldn't say I'm particularly qualified to speculate here, but I'll certainly give my two bits, since you asked. I feel that season 6 will continue to expand on the ever growing character list, with the birth of a new princess. I expect a great deal of the season to revolve around the new princess, and the crystal empire in general. I don't feel as though a new villain will be introduced, but rather we'll visit the pasts of old villains. But, what do I know? That's really all I have to contribute to the topic.
  15. I'm not too terribly concerned. These things tend to resolve themselves.
  16. TheMaskMaker

    Ask Jaxsie!

    I'm actually going to school to pursue writing, myself. It's been a long time dream of mine, and I finally have people in my life who support that dream. Which actually brings me about to my next question for you: At what point were you most uncertain of your goals in life, and what specifically caused that uncertainty?
  17. Pfft, yeah for sure. I friggin love green.
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