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  1. It's Deadpool. :3 Thank you!! Thank you so much! I'm flattered. Yes, she's my OC!
  2. I just would like to see more of the two sisters, Luna specifically, even if it's just a short bit of the episode, like the last one.
  3. Any of the Pokemon games, Zelda OoT, Mario series, and Fallout 3 & NV. Those come to mind right now. ^.^
  4. I just recently started drawing ponies so I thought I would make a thread to show my progression. I can only do paper and pencil, my laptop was um, unfortunately ruined by an ex. Critisim is welcome. Will be posted oldest to newest. Sorry if the pictures are too big, small, or bad quality, as I only have my iPhone. Thanks for lookin. :3
  5. Doctor Who, can't stand it. It's one of my boyfriend's favorite shows.
  6. Omg, thank you for posting this!! I was waiting for her to come back. <3
  7. Ketchup, mustard and relish. :3 With a buttery bun.
  8. Aw, that sucks. Mine always has toys! And I find ponies there too. :3
  9. Yep, my little Twilight plush. She watches over me. :3
  10. I do toy hunts at stores like goodwill and more consignment shops for clothes.
  11. I'm 24 and love plushies, sippy cups, and children's plastic plates... Lol. >.>
  12. Numb. Had a big fight with my BF. He said he was done with me.. Let's hope tomorrow is different... <|3
  13. Thank you, being only on mobile, it gets quite confusing. Sorry bout that.
  14. As someone with awful memory, I save things that are important to me. I have the tickets from when I went to visit my boyfriend, and the tickets to the science museums we went to together. They're like pictures to me. I keep them pinned to my wall.
  15. I just finished L.A. Noire, so I was curious what game you guys completed last! Also, really good game, I recommend it.
  16. Sorry I haven't been active. April is a bad month for me..

    1. Sonic5421


      No problem. It's been rough for me as well with how antsy I am waiting to see another episode with Celestia and Luna in it after seeing the premiere.

  17. I don't think so, at least not this season. But you never know!
  18. This loneliness is crippling.

    1. internet pone

      internet pone

      Tell me more about it. ^_^

  19. Awful, stressed, self hatred. Angry... Sad... Anxious.