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  1. Pirate Ship From: Wool #1: x:53807 y:193 z:55826 Wool #2: x:53834 y:130 z:55741 To: Wool #1: ship facing south Wool #2: x:-48343 y:63 z:2930
  2. Recently I've been getting back into the game, and I've noticed a few things that have changed since a few months ago... The player count seems to be a little less than what it was a few months ago, which is disheartening to say the least. There's also the issue with what to me feels important, that being activity. I've noticed threads with topics including the 1.10 release of the server not being recently updated, meaning either nobody really cares anymore, or that the staff are hard at work trying to make the server better, I'm really hoping it's the latter. Furthermore, either I'm going online at the wrong times, or the staff count has decreased to the point that despite my attempts for three days to be hopping on here and there to check up, nobody has been online at the time to aid me in a recent issue I've had with my home. This issue is easily solvable and is probably due to my bad luck with timing, but non the less I still require some aid at the time I write this, the problem being the force that pushed me to finally make an account on the forum to ask what's going on. I have played on this server for somewhere around two year's, and would really hate to see what happens if the server goes in a bad direction, and while I'm not saying that it is, I am asking for some clarity on what exactly is going on with the status of the server and it's future plans. And to wrap things up, I'm not trying to make you guy's look bad, I'm voicing the opinion me and my peer's who also play on the server share, I still love the server, and I look forward to a fun for everyone future with the server, if you wish to contact me regarding anything here in private, please go to my twitter, @MLPTeam, and feel free to start a direct message conversation. thank you for your time.
  3. im starting my own server, and would like to know what plugins, or mods, anything, you guys are using over at the poniarcade minecraft server, ive been on there for about two or two and a half years, and would really like to know, as the simple layout and all really pleased me, thanks in advance, -Cocoa_Surprise
  4. Welcome to MLP Forums, CocoaSurprise! I hope you have a great time here. /)