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  1. It might be because of their size, but I guess the recognition of this franchise pre-FIM and the public perception of it initially may be the cause of it. I’m not sure if the stereotype was around before MLP existed though.
  2. Pony Flutters

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    I don’t think I’d eat anything with motor oil in it. French Onion Soup?
  3. Pony Flutters

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I’m feeling anxious, given the current state of events.
  4. I definitely enjoy and appreciate a cup coffee, especially when it’s cool out . Of course, I mainly take it with cream and sugar. The main problem I have with coffee though is it doesn’t quench my thirst, and in fact I get more thirsty after drinking it.
  5. Since I’ve recently just came back to the forums about maybe over a year of hiatus, I’d say I haven’t posted literally anything during that time. I mostly tend to lurk around a lot. I occasionally make posts in the general discussion and show discussion page, as well as posting in the forum games section and browsing some of the fan clubs.
  6. I used to love math in elementary school, and then started hating it for the rest of my grade school years. Now I actually enjoy math and seem to get the hang of algebra. I’m currently taking a college algebra class.
  7. My social life is a bit on and off through my life. I mostly converse online, as my friends usually move out of this area and it’s not easy now making ones.
  8. Pony Flutters

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Was feeling anxious earlier because of accessing issues, but feeling better now. Still a bit worried, but of other things.
  9. I prefer my coffee either hot or cold depending on the climate. For coffee, I usually add about two creamer packs and two sugar packets. For tea, I prefer sweet iced tea.
  10. Getting way too hot and humid, even at night... I miss the climates of Washington (state) and the Rockies right now. Those areas currently still have cooler temperatures according to some weather sources.
  11. I don't consider myself to be far on either end of the scale. I'm not into many "masculine" things like sports or getting dirty, or "feminine" things like clothes shopping or flowers. Even watching this show doesn't mean I lean extremely towards feminine since it's obviously popular with lots of men and has a more gender neutral feel to it.
  12. Its Fluttershy trying to be cool.
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