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  1. Pony Flutters

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking about how the 2010's seemed to have gone by fast while the 2000's felt longer.
  2. The answer would obviously have to be the lovely Fluttershy. Though I'm not sure why she would be in an asylum in the first place.
  3. Nope. I was 15 bordering on 16 when the show premiered.
  4. None of them really, coffee is about as close as one can get for me.
  5. It definitely has to do with a quick scene from an early episode where she was sitting on a bench, and the fandom gave her an odd trait of her wanting to be human. Oddly enough, despite her popularity and consistent presence as a background character, she doesn't even have a speaking line at all until the second season finale. Otherwise, it might be because she's green, and none of the mane six are green.
  6. I'm not entirely sure, but due to anxiety I'd rather not dwell into it and turn it into an issue to fixate on. I sometimes exercise for the benefit of my mental health, with physical health being somewhat of a bonus.
  7. As nice as this is, honestly my instant reaction would be surprised.
  8. I have breakfast after waking up in the morning. Though breakfast for me usually happens around lunch for others.
  9. I'm ok with it. TPAM likes sushi
  10. I take antidepressants which keeps me from falling into a low state of mood and serious anxiety issues.
  11. November, otherwise the month of that stupid meme.
  12. Pony Flutters

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I'm feeling unmotivated, yet otherwise I'm excited for the holidays.
  13. If we're talking about before FIM, then I saw it no differently than what most people did, being really girly and uninteresting. Of course, when FIM came around and the show became well known across the internet and became popular with grown men, and researching and hearing about how the show is a lot more appealing compared to its predecessors along with the strong characterization and writing, I decided to check it out and became a fan.
  14. Considering how noteworthy she is and her involvement being one of the initial main drivers for the expansion of the brony movement, I'd say that it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular and recognized as it is. Although it still managed to attract a sizeable number of fans even after she left, and the quality and character development improved over time, the series is still a continuation of her influence.
  15. It might be because of their size, but I guess the recognition of this franchise pre-FIM and the public perception of it initially may be the cause of it. I’m not sure if the stereotype was around before MLP existed though.
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