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  1. I'm fluent, but my vocabulary is lacking (I can deduce what a new word means by decomposing it, I suppose my brain is too full and can't grasp any sort of long term vocabulary.) on even another language (I can grasp fully Spanish and Catalan, can read French, some German, Russian, Japanese and Cantonese).
  2. how I do it? should I write it on my main Language and then pass it through google translate, finishing it with some style revision by myself? Or I should keep trying on English + Word spell check? Because what I done up today... Received. Mixed. Reviews. (9 positive against 6 Negative reviews)
  3. did tests like those, MENSA gave me a 184 score...
  4. Simple, science hinges just on the 3 Dimensions that we can perceive. For some reason they forget the two extra dimensions already proven (Time and quantic) we as 3D beings can just understand the concept of 3D plus a slight understanding of how time is supposed to look like ( partially, time is supposed to contain both, past and FUTURE ) Much less we can understand quantum concept, I mean, it's really like Prof. Frink explaining 3rd Dimension to the simpsons...
  5. If it's 100% human (no cartoon looks like their enormous head) I have the hots for Sunset Shimmer I got turned on by any girl wearing a leather jacket (as personal anecdote, one time I crossed by a 95 Y.O. Granny on a wheelchair wearing a leather jacket... felt confused back then and even today).
  6. even when Friendship games fared worst at least on memes? (equalling to the third being the least memorable)
  7. pitch black my class pals were uneasy around me.
  8. Overlapping means like on OLD TV ages, when you could be watching Dr.Who on BBC1 and Top Gear on BBC2 at the same time, being the last show only a 'ghost' image just visible over dark places. I firmly believe both in multiple Universes and in Ghosts In a way consisting on that any ghost sighting is actually a 'cross' between our Universe and elsewhere (possibly a near parallel universe overlapping at some times)
  9. In fact every universe over or below ours, is actually overlapped on ours ...
  10. Pizza bianca Romana, is just crust, olive oil and salt. No need to go sophisticate all the time, but I used to like 4 cheese base + powdered cheese + Anchovies + a packet of hot dogs, making it sorta a pizza pie or vein clogger.
  11. well thank you, but I tell you all that for starters I have a diagnosed mild Aspergers Syndrome, so, please if you see me experience mood swings don't be harsh or worried, I tend to be fine but uneasy 10 minutes later. (that's not for mods, please if I turn into a jerk just kick me out, well, got that for all my life...)
  12. Wanted to fix myself some Coffee, while I was imitating an AD back then about men capable of doing two things at once, the guy was saying the 1 table (1x1=1 1x2=2...) did that and fixed a coffee with orange juice instead of milk
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: Google. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Sonic SatAM fanbase pointed me to the show. I am 33 Yo, liked pones since 2010 also I like to chat/read about things I like, so got here after googling for something as META as "Pony Forum" Also from very recent dates, got NetFlix, so I am a Whovian now, also I like Family Guy a bit too much. My pick of Rarity as Favourite Pony hails because she's my Niece's favourite too. But not blindly support her, she, like everypony has her defects, that's why I like her so much. For EPIC bits, I was born twice, I was killed on the slab 9 months ago, but now I'm here for the long haul. For my whole life I was a Freakishly gifted children, the kind who learns to play piano in under 10 minutes, but play it with no passion at all.