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  1. golf is boring and weightlifting is just sweating muscle men lifting big stuff
  2. MoonStatue

    Visual Art Cartoon Network-Themed Magiswords

    I really like howthey look and how i can see them actually being in the original show
  3. thats a really good photoshop i like how you did the shadows but one nick pick is light is coming out the window also just a little tip besides that really good. one thing is bothering me what where they doing on the computer i hope not jamming out to eye of the spider.
  4. MoonStatue

    General Do you miss Harambe

    Just remember why they killed harambe he knew we were all in the matrix he knew how to save us he was captured and put in a pen to be mocked by humans when he saw the last hope for him to tell everyone about the matrix he grabbed the kid and tried to take him and show that he was helping them but no the government had to shoot him before he was able to tell us but i know i know this is the matrix harambe visited me last night he wanted me to tell you this and told to expose that 711 was a part time job we will bring down the matrix. thanks obama
  5. May 28th is the day i learned how cruel the world can be harmabe a 17 year old gorila was shot dead when he was trying to bring a child closer to god. I miss him very much but i want to know if you miss him and your story of when you learned he died
  6. wow this is a surprising move from playstation it seems xbox is trying to go fro the casual or home market while ps4 is trying to aim for the hardcore gamers lets hope that playstation will use it well
  7. The opening wasnt that good you either liked it somewhat or you hated it it started off slow. the last 2 episodes i didnt really like especially the last one 28 pranks later felt like it was just 2 half writen ideas that could go together what sucks is the second part of the episode could have been a great episode. the middle of whats already out was pretty good actually has some of my favorite episodes ever which i think is why its getting hope when you have great episodes like stranger than fan fiction, saddle row review, and alot of the rest of them are good atleast some better some worst b
  8. I i duno basically i took my favorite colors purple and green and i made the skin purple and hair different shades of green from a darker shade to a light green then i give him green eyes. then i decided to make it a unicorn because unicorn master race and magic is rad. his cutie mark is pepe the frog because i have the dankest memes. then he either wears nothing like the mane 6 basically. i dont rp with him because thats something i never got into i just like to have one. so yeah its me in pone form
  9. if your skilled with a needle and thread then just buy some plushie filling at any craft store or online and try to do some surgery on it and then most likley your gonna have to remove all the stuffing and then add your own and then once its filled you sew ti back up. it would be best if your gonna do ti your own to cut the body of vinyl. If your not good at sewing or you dont know anyone who is then best ebt is to look online places like etsy have some nice looking plushes. hope this helps and you can have your vinyl back
  10. i dont know what you guys are talking about but neckbeard pony is best pony. i feel that i relate to him the most out of any other pony and definitely out of any stalion.
  11. Im sorta a connoisseur of memes and i would just like to know what does the mlp forums got doesn't matter what kind of meme just your best ones have fun
  12. My will be have the dankest memes drives me to the ends of this planet and beyond not even death will stop my dankness yet what inspired my passion in memes was one day i was walking down the street when in the corner of my eye i saw a pretty little thing approaching me she said i never seen a man who looks so all alone could you use a little company? If you pay the right price, your evening will be nice or you can go and send me on my way I said your such a sweet young thing why'd you do this to yourself? She looked at me and this is what she said There ain't no rest for the wicked money don'
  13. Yo welcome to the forums alot of people here are nice so just talk about what you like and then you will make friends and stuff also horses are neat
  14. i duno i mean i like every single character in the mane 6 for different reasons i think what it comes down to is rarity is a bit snobby and stuff in early episodes especially. another thing is fashion and all that isnt really popular with males and even females alot of the time so theres not alot of relatability meanwhile rainbowdashes thing is shes a cool and fast pony and i mean that apeals to alot of people really i mean i liek rarity dont get me wrong in the later seasons im liking her alot more
  15. 1. feature length only means its as long as a feature film or program so that doesnt really mean anything but my guess is its about 1 1/2 to 2 hours long 2. most likely and i mean like 96.231 percent likely that its 2d animation only 3d animated mlp thing was commercials if i recall 3. G rated definitely you have to remember the show is very much trying for a young demographic and the show has always been Y and equestria girls has been rated G so maybe its a 97.342 percent chance its rated G 4. umm if its like equestria girls then 50/50 on all of them and say 100 million in box office and
  16. they were moon men that came to earth and stayed they died off long ago but there last gift to humanity was memes some have mastered this foreign technology and others reject it and deny it as the true power those that have mastered it have a record of bad deeds for the progression of mankind there acts labeled a bastardization of gods will and against humanity and that not even the dead know peace from their evil believe what you want but always know there watching
  17. ok ill answer your questions and ill add some writing tips 1. Writers Block. this is sometimes hard to deal with but there are a couple ways to be able to over come first is take a break go for a walk watch tv play video games relax. then while your doing whatever look around you take in everything look at details. after you relaxed brainstorm this works for me. and a quick tip dont force your first story to be longer than it needs to dont just add moutains of filler just to meet that dead line write what is good and read over what you already have done and cut out not needed or bad parts eve
  18. Would you rather be a master of any one thing you will never be able to be very good or a master of any other skill and what would that skill be and why. or would you rather be a jack of all trades so your good at about anything but you will never master any skill you are good at everything but never the best at anything.
  19. yeah here in the south you always have to have it on or else its too hot good thing my eyes dont dry out but when i sleep im a mouth breather so my mouth is incredibly dry
  20. that would be neato but i wouldnt like to go ther because of the speedos in seriousness it would be cool but i wouldnt go i like having diversity in a community and while it would be diverse yes but again there would be less diversity and less people i like citys but besides that i think it could be a fun thing for some people but not all
  21. Who decided to take the first breath and how did they know how to do it who decided how to masterbate/have sex Who wrote the bible Who wrote the bibble If 911 was a inside job was 711 a part time job who invented war and for what reason was it for love reasorces or just pure evil is there a point of no redemption How did bronys become a thing because i hate that guy who made the first meme and why how do we not have a colony on the moon already who had cancer first who invented the word pony who invented the hammer why will communism prevail what was the first instrument and who
  22. Well lets see i would like to think that all of the mane 6s enemys would come together to attack them at one time and its up to starlight glimmer to save them in the end that would show growth in the character and her basically taking on her past as a villain but that could be how it starts. then since rainbow dash is already a wonderbolt then she can maybe become like a captain of it like maybe spitfire retires and so she chooses rainbow dash to take her place. rarity would open alot more boutiques around equestrian and possibly teach some other pony about fashion and things like that probabl
  23. well lets see its about 1:20 am here on the east coast but you can use http://www.worldtimeserver.com/to find what time it is in any time zone so i hope that helped
  24. I think that eastern developers try to experiment alot and some fail and some succeed because of this its a huge risk when your making a game this costs millions of dollars in money and months of time to do so if you stick to the formality then you have a better chance of failing you mentioned overwatch the real difference in overwatch is the characters because not much is different in the play style besides having loads of classes so it still feels familiar but has a different personality to it which is not bad it plays well and is fun many diffrent games try new things some win some fail a g
  25. changelings thats all ima say bout that. now to new things there has been a theme in S6 about your dreams coming true so far we have twilight as a teacher, rainbow dash as a official wonderbolt, and rarity with boutiques across equestria all tho maybe not all across. we still have yet to see pinkie,applejack, and fluttershys dreams but if that theme stays in line then maybe it could be something about how they relise that some odd years ago they only dreampt of were they are now and that may tie in to the changelings and such but i really hope they stick with that theme and have it as sorta th
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