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  1. Can i please get some one to review and give me some tips on my video id rely appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNZmdJIm0EA
  2. I made this for fun and wanted to know what any one thought.
  3. that would actually help me a lot if you could
  4. Hello Warlock hear and i have a rely interesting idea for a Halloween YouTube project but i need other youtubers. The project is a scavenger hunt of kind where I am hopeing at least five youtubers will all make different Halloween based videos. they can be scary funny sad what ever as long as there nightmare night or Halloween ish. but instead of posting on our own channel we will each post one of the other peoples so my video would be posted on one persons and theirs on some one else tell every one of us has posted some one else video and the viewers to find the youtuber they started with would have to look at the other youtubers. this way we could gain some viewers and fans that may not have thought to look at us and we gain a small community together to maybe work with in the future. I hope I explained this well. If your interested let me know at least by August 15th. send me your YouTube name and what you want to do. Have the actual video sent to me by October 1st. contact me at boobrothers2@gmail.com
  5. I am a youtuber who doses videos that are a bit of dark comedy and creepy pasta reviews. I would love to do a video with some one else but am not shore how to ask and what type of video to suggest i have some ideas but would like to talk about them first. One of my videos link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHVP-pDyVco
  6. "Applejack?" "Yes Twi?" "I found this book outside the Everfree Forest... It seems to be Apple Bloom's diary." "Mah sis kept a Diary? Does it say what happened to her?" "...Yes..." And with that bit of dark foretelling we dive head long into one of the scarcest MLP creepypastas I have ever had the pleaser of finding. The Trees Are Screaming. So the story starts with apple bloom writing in her diary to see if she can get a diary writing cutie mark. Oh and this takes place pre cmc getting there marks. At first the entrys are fairly normal with apple bloom talking about what they have tried to do to get there marks but soon thinks start to stand out such as there dog acting odd and barking at the forest then it goes missing. Soon after apple bloom swears she sees movement out of the corner of her eyes. She convinces the other cmc members to go with her into the everfree forest to find her dog. That is where things go bad and fast. The next entry goes as followes and this is an exerpt from the story. Oh, Celestia, help me, I got away, I’m the only one left, the others are dead, I’m hiding in a cave I found. Sweet Celestia, the trees, the trees are alive, they’re alive! We were just walking down the path, and I saw something move, so we went off the path to try and find it. It led us further and further away from the trail, and we came to a clearing in the woods, and then there was this screech, and a branch swooped down, and, and, and it impaled itself into Sweetie, and she was bleeding, and we tried to run but there were vines covered in thorns, and they wrapped around our legs, and the thorns dug into us, and the trees, I don’t know how to describe it, they didn’t walk, it was like they were sliding, and the clearing just kept getting smaller and smaller…I managed to pull my legs out from the vines, but the vines were around Scoots’ neck, and they were choking her, and, and I heard her bones being crushed, so I ran away, through a gap in the trees. They tried to get me, but they only managed to get my leg, it’s bleeding really bad, there’s a huge chunk of it missing… No, no I can hear them, I can hear them coming! They’re coming! Celestia, Luna, anyone, please, please, HELP ME! The trees are screaming! So ummm ya this part is terifing to me it involves kids in a life or death situaction you know they don't survive so it's worse its just terafing. So why are the trees screaming why are they killing whats going on. Well I have a theroy but first lets talk to my mare in the field straight jaket. Warlock I am not going in there. Theres dragons and mantacores sea serpents cockatrices timber wolfs and a freaky zebra who trayed to curse me before so no I am not doing this got that. And if you try I will shove your hat so far up your ass it will come out your eye socket. Ok so we will not be investigating the ever free forest today. So how could this story happen well because of dicored what if this is what happened if his evil vine things grew earlyer and waited to attack insead of attacking right off the bat like in the show. It has possibilitys and makes this a bit scaryer that maybe the episode could have gone difrent in other circumstances. But thats just my thoughts on it whats yourse did this storie freek you out or am I a wuss tell me in the coments and this is warlock boo saying be scaring you later.(boo laugh)
  7. A world of light and friendship happy balloons and singing pony's. But what happens when shadows cover the land the dark and twisted minds of fans take over and the bright colors fall to the shadows of madness. Hear you will see you will see the nightmare of equestria the twisted world fans have made and I now explore. And who am I you ask well your humble and amazing host Warlock Boo. Now sit your not going any where soon and watch the fun that is Nightmares of equestria. (BOO Laugh)
  8. Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice as the story we knew of sugar and spice. But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it with the help of the magic of a pegasus device.” Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology. It's easy to misjudge that floating city, with it's alluring decor and social psychology.” "But with all great things comes a great responsibility. With Cloudsdale being weather stability How, you ask, are they up to the task? To which the answer is in a simple facility." in the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true. In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through. If you havent guessed today on nightmare Equestria we are talking about the rainbow factory and will delve deep into how these lovely colerfull things are trully made. The story of how ranbows are made by pageuses are keeped under lock and key and not many people know the secret but one story may just have the truth and bot is it a doozy of a story so lets start by giving you a break down of the story shall we. (BOO laugh) it is saidn that in cloudsdale a secret room can be found that is not made from the normal clouds of the city no these are made from strom clouds instead so no one can walk throw them. This is the lab where rainbows are made. And how you ask are they made well from the colors and blood of young paguses who have failed there final exames how else could they be made(Boo laugh) the story itself is about three peguses who fail one of whitch is scootaloo. And how they try and excape the rainbow factory only to be stoped by the head guard ranbow dash her self and killed one by one. It is a dark emotional story of crulty betrael and how a society obsesed with perfection can turn on those who arent perfect in there eyes. A dark fun romp in my appinyon that any one can enjoy it is a well written story thats dark and emotional but not nerily as tortuer filled as other storys in the mlp fandome. So lets look at how this story has effected the fandom well this whole video is a giant slide show of art work inspiered by the story so thats one way but also there are a few other storys connected to it plus two songs that wodden toaster did and brony dance party has made videos of the first song is rainbow factory the seconed song is awoken sang by h8- seed with music by wooden toaster both are great songs with amazing beats and lyrics that are taken straight from the story. Ill leve a link down below to them. Now lets talk about how much truth this story could hold in equestria shall we. The biggest deal braker for this is scootaloo who can't fly she has a birth defect and would never be in flight school sory scoots but it is true and hurts this storys reaputation a bit. Secoend is rainbow dash her self she may be a loyal cloudsdale citezen but she would never go along with this as we see in the episodes cutie map one and two she was sicened by how the cult worked and how there difrentses where treated as something bad so her going along with killing ponys for there difrenteses is just a wors verstion that she wouldent do. Now lets talk to my mare in the field as he serches for the fabeled rainbow factory. To your straight jaket what have you found. (straight Jaket) Straight jaket hear and I havent found much but things I cant figure out like how is this cloud supporting my weight and why are the walls clouds I just keep walking throw them not very secure. On top of that how is it you can make rainbows from blood it dosent seam very sustainable and also...... what do you mean im trespassing. Your trespassing on my rights and what do you mean how did I get up hear with out wings. Let go of me I have rights get your damn hoves off me you dirty Pegasus help help im being oppressed help..... add lib as you like ummmm well then we seam to have lost contact with straight jaket and it seams like I have to go bail him out of jail.... again. (sigh) so we tried to get an interview with rainbow dash on the subject and she just threatened to introduce her hove to my face if I did not stop stalking her and scaring scootaloo. Also cloudsdale officals just tried to exercise me out of the city with a priest. So this ends my look at if the rainbow factory is real and what is my thoughts on it. Its not real we all know rainbows come from princess lightning bliss but whos to say how she makes then.(BOO Laugh) Hay my l;ittle spooks warlock boo hear hope you liked the first episode of nightmares of equestria I know I loved making this and if you did like it please leve us a like and subscribe ill be doing this at least once a month and if there is something I should look into share your thoughts and ill look into it or if you want follow me on twitter or want to help out so I can make better videos try donating to patreon. Also dont forget to check out straight jakekts you tube where he plays under the name lord cabbage head. Spook yall next time (boo laugh)
  9. writing a new script for The Trees Are Screaming

  10. Ooh it's a boo! With a wizard's hat and cape!

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      Some on noticed my cape usually people don't notice the cape only the hat.

  11. its good to compare your self to better youtubers just use it as a goal to get better tell your rivals with them.
  12. I'm a youtuber that is a brony but my videos usually are about the horror side of the show and fandome with a comedy twist. My channel is under the same name as my user name hear. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClMs0A_xUakmRk_274eIPFg
  13. wish i could link my youtube channel to this page but it keeps messing up

  14. I'm making a new video where i show art that goes with the story I'm talking about. so if any one could help and has some art about the experiments of twilight sparkles ill show it in my video and give you full credit for it in the description and credits.