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  1. sallycar

    Princess Cadance Fan Club

    HAPPY Shining and Cadance Day!!
  2. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    HALLO HAPPY Valentines Day!! Shining and Cadance Day in Ms-Piant
  3. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    @Odyssey Thanks i do my best . It make me very happy when the details are noticed . ok my last pic ...................
  4. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    Happy hearth's warming eve Silver stream Merry christmas in MS-Paint
  5. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    THANKS you so much !!! @Kyoshi and @Anuska big HUG!!! Anuska you're not the first one who wonders if this is ms-paint. Princess Luna day 2018 in MS-Pain
  6. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    BIG HUG @Cl0udChaser The picture is a request for BlackT0rnado For a Art competition to make someone happy in the Christmas season I fixed that Fluttershy in ms-paint by sallycars
  7. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    THANKS YOU Divine plywood HAPPY Nightmare Night (Halloween) Songbat(bird) serenade MS-paint Speedart
  8. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    hallo Kirin Autumn Blaze in Ms-Paint
  9. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    Hallo i make fast a little sunset for here day Sunset Shimmer in Ms-Paint
  10. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    @Passion thanks so much for this beautiful comment
  11. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    @Cl0udChaser THANKS YOU so much It is so hot and fluttershy have a good idea to cool down Rainbow ! Fluttershy cool down Rainbow dash in Ms-paint
  12. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    this is a memory for GALACON 2018 Inky Coco Twilight Starlight Applejack open bottle
  13. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    i feel me so nude Rarity in Ms-paint
  14. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    THANKS!! you!! here is my next speedart Canni and Tridashie in ms-paint speedart l
  15. sallycar

    MS-PAINT - Scrap

    It is a long day Princess celestia Full Power in Ms-piant