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  1. So....hi. This is kinda embarrassing. You see, a friend of mine who is a brony like all of you lovely folks overheard me doing some of my characters' voices for another series I am working on. He dared me to try out....King Sombra of all peo--ponies. Told me to post it on here and he'd give me twenty bucks and a beer. Being one who didn't normally look in the direction of MLP, I took on the challenge. Three hours later you have the video you see here. Wrote it up, voiced it out, edited for some video effects. Wish I had some better direction, and a better pop filter, but this was made on the quick. Love it or hate it or 'meh' it, have a good one. PS: The art is not mine...probably could have made it since I am also an artist but SUCK at MLP flash style...BUT the artist is credited in the video and description! Please don't kill me I needed something that suited my voice I went with.
  2. Welcome to MLP Forums, CovertCasual! I hope you have a great time here. /)