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  1. Not here anymore

    Answered Can you ban my account?

    I’m leaving these forums, but no specific reason really this time, just that I’m not very active on forums, just like I’m not very active on chatrooms. Also, I might have a confession to make. I might’ve been twelve instead of thirteen (I don’t know for sure) when I joined my first forum. However, I made my first YouTube channel when I was thirteen or fourteen, I think. So, that means I think I made multiple accounts at a young age before I made my first YouTube channel. I’m not sure how many under-thirteen email addresses I had before I made my Google/YouTube account, but I’m going to say a l
  2. Which "Tonight Show" host is better?
  3. Which soda/pop is better? Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow?
  4. Which one of these TV channels is better for game shows? Game Show Network or Buzzr?
  5. Anyone remember when PAX TV aired Supermarket Sweep and Shop ‘Til You Drop? They’re game shows. Supermarket Sweep seems to currently be available on Buzzr, but I’m not sure where Shop ‘Til You Drop is available to stream or watch.
  6. Do you prefer Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb? Edit: Poll added.
  7. Hey, so I plan to delete my forums accounts, but I have a good reason this time. I plan to move to Japan in the future, and so I’d like to try and eliminate English-speaking websites. So, that means that if I ever go back to SpongeBob, MLP, or cartoon forums, they’ll probably be Japanese forum sites. I may also try and watch NicoNico (a Japanese video site) sometimes instead of YouTube, though, I’ll still watch YouTube too since it’s widely available in Japan and there ARE Japanese YouTubers. Anyway, I’m going to try and learn and practice Japanese, and I may eventually change my interface lan
  8. Trulli Tales is a cartoon about four wizard chefs who cook. They get their recipes from Trulli Grandma's magic cookbook. Copperpot, the villain, always tries to take the magic cookbook. The wizard chefs' names are Ring, Zip, Stella, and Sun. They have multiple cooking instructors (professors, maybe I should say). The network varies by country... but I'll provide some information on current and former networks. But first, I'll go back to the series' origins. The original title while it was first in production was "Trullalleri". That was the original, I guess you could say, alpha or early
  9. Which one of these are you more addicted to? Are you more addicted to watching TV and movies on the couch, or drinking soda and eating candy bars?
  10. Yeah, so do you watch Buzzr shows such as Supermarket Sweep, Hollywood Squares/Match Game, Family Feud Dawson era, etc.?
  11. Hello, fellow Americans, and also Canadians (eh), I am wondering if any of you watch America Says and Family Feud, plus Cash Cab on Game Show Network.
  12. [delete this post. I don’t know why I posted this. I’m not British. I must’ve ate too many lollipops and drank too much soda. I’m not British. I’m American.]
  13. [this post is to be deleted my mods/admins. I would like another post that I wrote to delete too and I will edit it.]
  14. Hello! So, I’d like to compare The Jetsons and Back To The Future. The things I’m gonna compare are: 1. Technology 2. Predictions (of anything) 3. Product placement (if there is any). So, I’ll start by bringing up The Jetsons. So, here’s some technology on The Jetsons. 1. The Food-A-Rack-A-Cycle (a thing that prepares food) 2. Televiewer (basically a prediction of a computer. You read newspapers on it which is the equivalent of news articles on the computer) 3. (Literally) flat screen TV (A CRT TV that’s literally flat.) Now, here’s some technology on Back To The Future. 1. Hologram movies an
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