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  1. Hey, Pudding, I haven't saw you in a long time, but, I just wanted to let you know if you ever see this that I am no longer a Brony and I have left the forums... For the little while that I knew you, you were always a good friend and I wish we had talked more... 

  2. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Giant Resin Paw Piece!

    Took 5 days to make. I hope you all like it! Oh yeah, LunaLusterdust is my username on another site.
  3. PuddingPonyPal

    Say something totally random!

  4. PuddingPonyPal

    How would Limestone Pie get along with other ponies

    I have theory that Limestone has some sort of emotional stunt (or disability) from being on the farm way too long. I don't hate her nor do I like her. I do think it's possible for other ponies to get along with her however.
  5. PuddingPonyPal

    Food Favorite Donuts

    I love the jelly filled ones! Especially lemon flavored.
  6. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Resin Donut Thingys!

    Thanks! I personally like to either sell them or use them for other crafts.
  7. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Resin Donut Thingys!

    Thank you both! I have more that will be finished either today or tomorrow. I'll post them here!
  8. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Resin Donut Thingys!

    So I got a silicone donut mold thing from the craft store a few days ago and was successful with the results with my resin! Here is my very first batch of these! FINALLY THE PICTURES ARE WORKING
  9. PuddingPonyPal

    General New Derp figurine

    OMG its so cute! You're so lucky!
  10. PuddingPonyPal

    We shouldn't be scared to go to school.

    School is still scary whether there are threats of violence or not. The systems in most of the USA are completely broken and make it extremely difficult to learn ANYTHING USEFUL.
  11. PuddingPonyPal

    What is your favorite YouTube subculture?

    I absolutely LOVE the DIY subculture!
  12. PuddingPonyPal

    The recent purchases thread

    I got this unicorn horn resin mold so I can make my own horns for cosplay or just home decor. XD
  13. PuddingPonyPal

    The WPCC Lounge

    *sips cream soda out of teacup* Ah~ a blessed thread indeed. I could talk for days about society and everything in it.
  14. PuddingPonyPal

    Why Do You Keep Going?

    I keep going for the people who saved my life. I keep going to improve myself as much as I can before falling asleep forever. I keep going because I can!
  15. PuddingPonyPal

    Open The Big Top Terror (OOC)

    @woodchunks66 Before Mehndi could answer Tracker's question, the final entrance had appeared in front of them. A red veil. Mehndi and Tracker looked at each other, knowing this was the point of no return. Both walked through it and was greeted by the amazing site of the circus. It was like they fell into a whole other world. A world full color, lights and strangely dressed ponies doing all sorts of entertainment. Jugglers, animals playing patty-cake with one another, beautiful dancers, a musical cart pulled by another black pony riding in circle around the center ring playing strange music. The large ring of hundreds of ponies outside the center ring cheered as loud as they could; expressing absolute enjoyment. Everything was outstanding! Mehndi's eyes almost popped out of her head at the sight of everything going on. Jaw open in awe. Her expression showed nothing but amazement. It was almost too much. She didn't even noticed Tracker's reaction.