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  1. 8 hours ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    @ChB, hey, that’s my grumpy nose, don’t Boop that!


    I actually like lime stone better the maude

    On 4/3/2018 at 1:10 PM, TBD said:




    Lol smurfs.... I mean when the smurfs werent in crappy cgi movies

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  2. Just now, SparklingSwirls said:

    Here's some advice: I know it's hard, but when you're upset, try to calm down a little bit before posting. Take some deep breaths, and do something that makes you feel relaxed. :) 

    Do you often forget to ask a question here?

    thank you i been toneing down my anger on here to not get blocked again.

    favorite food?

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  3. 1 minute ago, Capper said:

    Because. . .you are emotional?

    you be emotional to if the only guys you find love you to much so they brake you heart by being abusive or leave cause they are afraid to hurt you but hurt you more by leaving...


  4. Just now, Capper said:

    Forza Horizon on the Xbox 360. I know, I know, but I was still like 13 when it came out and it was cool as hell. 

    hey you don't need to defend your self when were all adults who like ponys

    favorite color?

  5. 1 hour ago, Gone Airbourne said:


      Reveal hidden contents


    Why are these people blocking Gobo! 


    i tell you why but then like last time the mods would ban me from this site


    1 hour ago, Trotteur Sauvage said:

    Cuz Gobo is too good for them.

    Do you accept Gobo as our only and true God ?

    no cause gobo touched me.....

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  6. Your not the 

    9 minutes ago, Widdershins said:

    Cupcake-scented Honey Badgers.

     Aww! Imma Problem, @Amys-pmvs? That's the sweetest thing I've ever had anybeing tell me!


     Ah, probably The Eagles... or more recently, Taylor Swift.


    Favorite Fruit?

    Your not the proplem gobo was.... I blocked him so no problems

  7. 11 minutes ago, Widdershins said:

    Banana-scented Candles from Pier One. That's your answer. You no supply question, I supply answer all same! Yais!


     What you're doing is being self-judgemental and not allowing yourself to see what you already have! You're putting conditions on the unconditional! I love ya, boopie! And I know nothing other then your writing tone; You're weird, and I love that! No matter where you go after this, what shall become after this point; you shall always be the mental image of a bright, happy memory! And memories are forever! ...usually.

    @flueryheartlove  What? The first mare? Oh, she's quite adorable if not a bit...  Vanilla!   Huuuee!~* I made a Funny!

    The other two kinda look like a blend of the others though. Somehow.


      My question! How is it I just went from a splitting headache & grumpiness to giddy, altrusitic, loving hyperness in under an hour?

    Then the one of the guys thats the problem brohooves this. (Face palm) WHY CANT I FIND REAL LOVE THAT ISNT A (censored)

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  8. Just now, Trotteur Sauvage said:

    Honnestly I'm on my phone and from my point of view, your avatar is really panellized ! :o Don't you have a better picture ? :please:

    See panda cute, pandas picture on computer just is huge file so panda use image from discord. See i cute.


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  9. 1 minute ago, Trotteur Sauvage said:

    You should try with an avatar that puts Amy more in value !

    Oh so panda isnt cute???? Im part horse part panda, amy is all about panda, amy go to zoo across world to see panda.... Aslo panda were sailor suit, that kinky as fudge... >=C

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  10. 27 minutes ago, Trotteur Sauvage said:

    I have no word to describe her adorableness ! :o
    What's her name ?? Is she single ? :orly:

    Jesus everypony gets love but amy, and in seconds to. what am i doing with my life? Is the best i can get really a mabye then a no then a mabye again?

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Widdershins said:

    Because you touch sea urchins.

     Why is it I have such a dearth of focus for my daily life?

    Sea urchins?

    1 minute ago, _BlazingInfinity said:

    Because, like me, you probably have ADD or ADHD.


    What are frogs?

    Yeah i do have adhd

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  12. Yes you are derpy yes you are.

    Aslo propley i mean its not like anyone cares if im gone.

    Who is best princess?

    2 hours ago, SparklingSwirls said:

    Versauce :nom:

    Who do you ship yourself with?

    Who i ship my self with?

    Uh you dont wanna know.

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