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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Y U NO BANNED? you banned for having good cake without meh.
  3. Imagine that! A 5-meter long cape that you use as a cape and a blanket too, so fuzzy, soft, and cuddly!
  4. Well then, this answered a lot of questions, thank you, I'm gonna go think now in a corner.
  5. I know exactly what you mean! I myself have a blanket fluffier than a Truffula Tree.
  6. Happy BirthDay! We fellow muffins must help each other out until we're not muffins!

    Have a cake, oh no don't do it pinke! DON'T YOU DARE.


  7. How does pinky pie teleport all the time? @Techno Universal Can Colts become an alicorn? Can going through the Equestria Girls portal(Mirror) to many times have unintended effects on the Pony? And if a Unicorn Stallion and a pegasus Mare mate will it make an alicorn? If you want more questions just quote me, cause I can think of a thousand more!
  8. All of these costume ideas sound awesome! I wanted to do something pony related also, but it's not in my budget, so I have to agree with @Cybestry I feel sorry for @Techno Universal though, at least you have a fluffy blanket.
  9. That's awesome! Looks like you put a lot of time and work into it! Hope others like it, cause I sure do!
  10. Awesome costume! Looks a lot like the real Jason, make sure to care some kids bad with this!
  11. Nightmare night approaches! as people go out with pillowcases and candy pails, they dress up as a totally scary, or cute, costume, whats your costume for this nightmare night? if you can post a picture!
  12. Hey guys. bit new here, but I haven't seen a story been made yet, so, the rules are simple, you can only type one word to try and complete the story, or you can keep it going forever, ill start it up! And you can put filler text( Darn minimal 20 character limit!!) Once
  13. * Ninja boops @CypherHoof from the shadows* You cant see me, but I see your snoople, ready for a boople.