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  1. I was wondering if I should post one myself
  2. What's the difference between horse or cow steak
  3. Not at all; unless they're true classics of peoms. If not, they just sound cringy to me. Do you fully trust the one you love? Or is there times you just feel something is wrong?
  4. Are you secretly this prometheus who throws trash cans as ultimate power, being the second most powerful being in existence? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaNDi-YKU8A
  5. To be able to shitpost, you have to be a shit that posts :orly: 

    Thus I don't shit post, thus everything I post is art


  6. Oh; alright (when I meant relative I actually meant anyone close to you) bye bye @Cyclone1066
  7. What about when the world ends?
  8. eww Alright now for the true question: if you had to choose between smashing a puppy or a kitten every day, and if you don't a close relative dies, which one would you choose: kitten, or puppy?
  9. you're jealous of my shiny new Rarity badge? :orly: (considering I just posted a confused message back then but I got it anyways )

    1. Splashee


      Oh come on! Unfair. I didn't know how the forum works. If I knew I would have badges too! :dry:

  10. There are lots of reason one might want to change his username Mine just happened to be messing with people exactly
  11. Like others have already said, making a show which bases itself on a true scenario - ie a story with story arcs, a beginning, an end, etc. MLP:FIM's formula is slice-of-lie which is a respectable formula itself, but for nine seasons? It just becomes too much. Also, how about making actually good villains ? All the ones we had in MLP:FIM are either victims who turned bad who turned good again, or 100% evil fuel (for the latter, there is a good way to do it , but then again they didn't do it the right way). I hated the way some characters are reformed - because quite a number do not deserve it at all. (looking at you Stygian) Plus, the main characters are too perfect in FIM; sure most episodes will focus on some defaults that will launch the episode, but the matter is usually solved in the end of the episode. But I hear ya; "Hey! Sometimes it isn't!" and you are right; sometimes, it isn't. Because that's what's called badly exploiting your characters. In real life, people do keep some of their defaults forever, that's true; but this is a show with "lessons" and "morals" at the end. And that means that some characters in FIM seem to learn the same lesson seasons apart. I.e I don't mind some characters keeping their defaults, but don't make another episode where they seemingly solve it again- because I won't believe it. I hope they make Gen 5 more focused on adventure, lower the messages about friendship and stuff. And characters make difficult decisions that have actual important consequences. And also: don't make all the world building and lore if you're going to misuse it or not use it at all. thanks


    it's a cock 


    i'm bored


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    2. Xeltor



      Oh yeah that's 


      a big cock to be sure






    3. Splashee


      I knew you were not kidding when you threatened to post this in my profile @Xeltor

    4. Xeltor
  13. coats are nice

    They are like portable umbrellas you know

  14. to confuse everyone obviously It attained its goal so time to switch back
  15. now that I confused everyone

    Time to go back :orly: 

  16. I changed it twice for the last 3 months I have my reason
  17. @Emerald<3 is the first person so far to which I'll say yes; I'll hang out with ya
  18. gender.PNG.a2077a6c5a77e0acf03566d3858ff97f.PNG


    1. Lucky Bolt
    2. Xeltor


      I'm going to drink 10 gallons of cyanide

      see ya