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  1. SoberStarlight

    The WPCC Lounge

    Hello my old friends! It’s been so long since I last spoke with many of you, and I apologize for not logging on for about a month. I hope everything is going good with all of you guys!
  2. I'm back everypony! Hope I didn't miss too much.

    I did watch the season 8 premiere and I loved it!


    Totally threw everything that I thought I knew about the timeline out the window though...

    Now, I have 1300+ notifications to deal with so I may or may not be able to get through all of them lol, but I'll try my best!

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    2. Amanita


      Welcome back! And it’s alright, good luck with that!

    3. ChB


      Welcome back, SoberStarlight! :) 

    4. The_Gobo


      Sorry about the notifications, but I hope you're doing well aside from that :D
      Glad to have you back! :D


  3. For any Zelda fans out there, I have a Zelda fan account on Instagram @loz_central

    If you're into that sorta thing, check out my page!

    1. The_Gobo


      I've started to notice a lot of people start to use IG within the last few days o3o


  4. Goodnight everypony! How were your days, my friends? Mine was great. Relaxing day, got a good workout in, and am getting to bed (semi) early. 

  5. Personally, I want to see a Skyward Sword Remastered in HD for the Switch. A beautiful game, despite the Wii's graphical limitations. As for future game ideas, what about a game centered around dungeon/level making? Sort of like Mario Maker, but Zelda themed? QOTD: Have any of you guys gotten into Zelda speedrunning? On a side note, to all who are interested, I have a Zelda fan account that I am running on Instagram. @loz_central if you want to check it out!
  6. Good night everypony!

  7. @ultrairongorilla @ShadOBabe Ah Majora's Mask. Really disturbing, but a great game. Especially when you know the story about its production! The CD-i games are honestly so bad that it's funny XD To an extent, I would agree, but my friend, you have to play A Link to the Past and even the Original Zelda. Some of my favorites!
  8. Just to throw this out there, I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to LOZ so if anyone has any questions or needs help, I'll be glad to do all that I can! Challenge accepted! Though you sell yourself short my friend! You know a lot about Breath of the Wild! Without further ado, what is the best and worst game in the franchise? (Let the debates begin!)
  9. Yes indeed I have! Both of them! I can't wait for the future packs! I loved them both. There will always be haters, and as much as I respect their opinion, I disagree with them on pack 2. I liked the risks it took. Before I get into potential spoiler content, how far are you into the actual game? Oh and do you have a discord? @ChB
  10. Oh okay. If you ever get one, check out my account! Go for it! I love talking Zelda!
  11. To anyone that has an Instagram account and loves the Legend of Zelda, I have a fan account where I post facts, art, discussion topics, and much more! Be sure to check it out @loz_central !
  12. Interesting topic to think about. I'll have to sleep on it, and then maybe I'll have a more detailed response later. Reminds me of this picture I saw the other day...
  13. Any Zelda fans out there?

    1. Shrug


      Ya, I’m a Zelda fan. Probably my favorite video game series. 

    2. ultrairongorilla


      I love the Zelda series, especially Majora's Mask.

    3. Orcus on His Throne
  14. Almost a week later, I'm back on the forums!

    Almost 500 notifications to sort through, so please forgive me If I don't respond/react to everything my friends!


    I hope all of your weekends were great! Anything on your minds that you want to discuss? I'm all ears!

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome, My Friend! :D


      Don't ever change! 

      Yes, sir! 


    3. The_Gobo


      Welcome back! Hope you have the patience to get through all those notifications XD

    4. Monotonality


      Welcome back home, my dear friend!

  15. SoberStarlight

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Welcome to the forums Rainjay! Glad to have you here! Love your OC design, and look forward to seeing other art from you! If you have any questions, or just want a friend, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM or hit me up on Discord! (Link in bio)
  16. SoberStarlight

    Love is in Bloom

    Nice! Can I save this for a future desktop/profile picture use?
  17. When I pulled out of my driveway for the first time in my car. Hit me hard.
  18. Goodnight everypony. New week of work and studying begins, and another opportunity to do something great. 

    Some mornings, when it's really hard to get up and it's really tempting to sleep an extra hour, I think of all of the successful people I know. Steve Jobs didn't build a soon to be trillion dollar company by sleeping in. 

    There's this thing my dad would always tell me as a kid; "Self-mastery." By that, he meant doing the best you can in everything in life. If you're gonna make a cup of coffee in the morning, why do it half-ass? What's the point? Part of self-mastery is getting an early start to the day, and being ready for whatever your boss, teachers, parents, etc. throw at you. 

    "Work harder than you think you did yesterday"

    -Alex Elle


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    2. The_Gobo


      Do well, be well!


    3. Alexshy


      Good night, mine lief! Sleep well and raise and shine refreshed! Rest assured, I shall guard the Night from all monstrosities, which may roam in the darkness! benevolent.png.6014cd558e5674b436a51d86639a5108.png

      Methinks, at which hour thou really hast time for some RP, we should offer Rarity's role to thee, taking thy valorous sentiments in account - shalt be arrant in character, mine lief!

    4. Johnny1226


      Good night starlight 

  19. SoberStarlight

    The WPCC Lounge

    I'm doing okay. Life is getting in the way of my pony duties... I was actually going to talk to you about that... I feel that it's best that for the time being, I disband from the RP group. I don't log on frequent enough, and my knowledge of the background of the RP is limited. I feel that due to my flakiness, and other reasons, you should try to find a replacement for Twilight. Please, mine friend, don't take this personal... I do it because I care for and respect you and the other members of the RP!
  20. SoberStarlight

    The WPCC Lounge

    Haven't been on this thread in a while, and next thing I know, it has grown tremendously in size!' Thought it was worth mentioning that i just got a keurig coffee maker for the house!! I can't contain my excitement!!
  21. An apple. Not as good as those from Sweet Apple Acres though. Just your run-of-the-mill apple.
  22. Good week so far pones! How about you guys? 


    In other news, Isaiah thomas to the Lakers... thoughts?

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    2. Valencia


      Yeah I know not much of the basketball goings on,  but I'm glad your week isn't going badly! :P

    3. Shrug


      That is gonna go very badly.

      Isaiah Thomas is an overrated basketball player. He had two breakout seasons and people seem to believe that this year is the anomaly. It was his two good seasons that were actually the anomalies.  

    4. The_Gobo



      That is my thought on the matter :3


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