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  1. I last visited around a year ago. Back then I remember that I edited my account. I wish to edit it again however when I try to tap " edit profile " it says im denied, yet im logged in. All I wish is to remove my current pfp - banner and add a new one. How do I do that and is that even possible?
  2. my labels where, 1. the odd girl that makes u laugh 2. the weirdo 3. the class clown (( in mid school and work now it sort of changed)) 1. the girl thats always there 2. the brutal one 3. the friend that everyone needs (( was told that in person, made me smile )) 4. the girl that can keep secrets with this, it sort of shows my growth as a person xD, kinda proud of the new ones. tho miss the class clown. I loved being the one that stood out and wasn't like everyone else. Some see these names as a bully name, sure, I take them as a token that shows im unique. ^^ all about perspective ;)
  3. anyone know websites beside yt to watch mlp? I had some but they got disabled =-=// thx

  4. how do these small texts go into the "activity " page here? and how can I do that?
  5. how can I get a cutie mark ?

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    2. Bloosume Harmeny

      Bloosume Harmeny

      thanks a bunch!! il try my hardest, ill make an introduction post I hope I know how to add it to the newbie site there ^^'. anyways thanks

    3. MilkTea


      You’re welcome! Good luck :) 

    4. Bloosume Harmeny

      Bloosume Harmeny

      thanks and nice map emojis !! ^^