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  1. I first saw this image, it could be a possibility that Princess Twilight and Sci Twi will Interact and maybe hang out in the 2nd 44 Minute Special coming out this year. The less they show, the more we get and I understand why it’s called Me, My Selfie, And I. Proof: Twilight with the glasses has no wings (weird since she does have wings in Legend Of Everfree And Forgotten Friendship) and her legs are shorter then Princess Twilight’s
  2. I prefer the females wearing pants because of the wind.
  3. Before any of you ask, I doubt that A Friendship To Remember will become a special in 2018. For several reasons, one, some of the books like Sunset Shimmer’s Time To Shine didn’t get the animation treatment like the movies did. Two, even if it’s a something people want to see because of the Interactions of Sunset Shimmer And Princess Celestia, I think their trying to make one of the Specials a continuation after A Friendship To Remember. Three, the lastest Equestria Girls book is just something Hasbro made so they can keep us occupied just like Time To Shine And Twilight Sparkle’s Sleepover Surprise before the movie/special comes out. Now me personally, I didn’t read A Friendship To Remember but I do get why people want to see it in animated form. But the thing is, that book came out weeks before we got the announcement of 2 Specials. Also as much as I have to face the facts that Equestria Girls is trying to be its own thing and they proved it in Legend Of Everfree, I still thing they might do something different. Since there 44 Minutes instead of 22 minutes like last time, they have more time to develop more character development like they did in the movies. Also I’m not sure if this is still true or not, but I think Equestria Girls MIGHT end in 2018. Again, the rumors might be right but at the same time it’s not clear if MLP is going to end in 2019. I don’t think Equestria Girls is going to move on after MLP ends because it’s still part of MLP even if it’s supposed to be a spin off series. Anyway I don’t have my full predictions on both Specials but I have at least one of them and the possible ending to the 2nd Special. My Predictions On Special 1 Princess Twilight should return to Equestria Girls. Now yes I’ve been talking about this a lot before LOE came out but it’s still a great opportunity to happen. I know people hate the shipping of Flash Sentry And Princess Twilight and it’s understandable that they can’t be together because of them being in separate worlds, however they haven’t got any screen time since Rainbow Rocks. Now I don’t have a problem with Sunset and Flash being together but Sunset should understand that Princess Twilight still has a crush on him. They main reason why Pony Flash barely appears in the show is because they probably want to use Flash Sentry as development for Equestria Girls. Keep in mind that Pony Flash lives in the Crystal Empire and Twilight always spends her time in Ponyville, we only got rare occasions when the main characters go to the Crystal Empire. And please don’t talk about tough love because I’m not into shipping both of these characters, I just think they should have one more conversation about there problems of being together. As for Princess Twilight’s Return, she should bring not only Spike, but also Starlight Glimmer with her. Since that Starlight went to the Mirror World in Mirror Magic, it could lead into more interesting scenes like showing her places like Everfree Forest. As much as I didn’t like Mirror Magic, the aftermath could make the relationship between Sunset and Starlight work. Also does anyone want to see Pony Starlight meet Human Trixie? With a world that Starlight never went to, it should be interesting to see on what Interactions she gets when she meet people that are somewhat different in Equestria. And finally (obviously because I made videos about it), I want to see Human And Princess Twilight Interact with each other. I would go on and on about this but I already made 3 rants about it so let me just say I think this should be the perfect time to have a relationship between two Counterparts. Thats all I have for Special 1, I know it’s not enough for a 44 minute Special but we still don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m fine if they add more original characters but if they do that Magic corruption thing again, drugs (which is magic) are out of control in the Mirror World. For Special 2 all I can see is the possible ending. When the characters saw that the stature is leaking magic they must find a way to fix it. After they fixed the portal, Sunset understands that she must go back to Equestria, otherwise things will get more worse when she’s stays in the Mirror World. Possible ending number one: Sunset Shimmer Returns To Equestria and maybe in Season 9, she might get back to her old life and meet some of her old friends, along with Princess Twilight taking apart the protal she might in RR. Possible ending number two: I’m not sure if you guys saw Spider-Man 2 and the Hannah Montana movie but towards the end of those movies, their fans want to keep the main character’s secret so they can continue to do what they love. In this case, the students in Canterlot High saw Sunset’s secret that she is a pony from Equestria but they don’t want her to leave. Again, not completely sure if Equestria Girls will end in 2018 but if it’s not, then they should do something like this. And that’s all I have for my Predictions On both Specials (mostly). You can say all you want that it’s not possible but what we hear from the rumors, it’s still a possibility for me.