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  1. Looks like Sci Twi is going to meet Princess Twilight in 2019.
  2. I first saw this image, it could be a possibility that Princess Twilight and Sci Twi will Interact and maybe hang out in the 2nd 44 Minute Special coming out this year. The less they show, the more we get and I understand why it’s called Me, My Selfie, And I. Proof: Twilight with the glasses has no wings (weird since she does have wings in Legend Of Everfree And Forgotten Friendship) and her legs are shorter then Princess Twilight’s
  3. Artist: ilaria122 (It was a request from me)
  4. I prefer the females wearing pants because of the wind.
  5. Before any of you ask, I doubt that A Friendship To Remember will become a special in 2018. For several reasons, one, some of the books like Sunset Shimmer’s Time To Shine didn’t get the animation treatment like the movies did. Two, even if it’s a something people want to see because of the Interactions of Sunset Shimmer And Princess Celestia, I think their trying to make one of the Specials a continuation after A Friendship To Remember. Three, the lastest Equestria Girls book is just something Hasbro made so they can keep us occupied just like Time To Shine And Twilight Sparkle’s Sleepover Su
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