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    Two Poems

    Foreign pegasus Seconds pass in-between me and your offshore departure, Heave Ho! Sailor girl rise fast - let all wearies go like great packs slipping from your shoulders crashing into the sunlit billows of the salt laden sea * * * * * golden hair follicles delve into a thicket of mauve and lavender curls her coat covered in raindrops, like a carnation pasture extending its body out of a forest into the still blue yonder her head turns, budding eyes that hold universes within them, soft and placid shameless self
  2. Hi! I've been writing pony-related poetry for a little while and wanted to find a site where I could post it. I looked at fimfiction, but the guidelines state that only stories are allowed. Is there a similar site for other pony related writing? Thanks for your time.
  3. Special talents? No. Special/weird hobbies? I underline quotes and write in the margins of books that I own and that I'm not reading for school.
  4. A lot of Metallica's best stuff came out when Cliff Burton was around. Not to downplay the albums following Master of Puppets, but Burton was irreplaceable as a bassist.
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