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  1. Want to save money? My friend and I will be staying at the DoubleTree Hotel from Thursday to Monday, May 16 -20, and have two open spots to share if anyone wants a place to stay. If we can get 2 other people to stay for all 4 nights, each person would pay $220. We prefer if you can stay all 4 nights. We are willing to meet any accommodations you have. If you are interested or have any questions, let me know. If you are going to stay with us, we'll invite you to our discord group. All spaces taken up
  2. We now have 1 spot left available for room share (Doctor Dimension took the first spot). If you would like to stay 4 nights and pay ~$175 or if it's just 3 nights that you need, let me know if interested.
  3. My friend and I will be staying at the DoubleTree Hotel and to help bring down the cost, we would like to share rooms with someone who would also like to save some money and are looking to share rooms.We have two spots available. We will be willing to work with your accommodations. We prefer if someone will be staying during those days. Room has two beds. Date: May 17 Thursday - May 21 Monday, 2018 (Check in Thursday/Check out Monday) Price: Split of ~$700(hotel price total for 4 nights) 3 people ~$230, 4 people ~ $175 (for 4 nights) Let me know if you are interested or have any questions /) I'll PM you my number and Discord if interested