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  1. Because Sonic adds more personality for me when i experience it on Xbox compared to any other system.
  2. I'd tell her to chill and invite her for two player in Tony Hawk Skateboarding on Playstation 1. Then she'd return to gaming Luna.
  3. Name: Magora Type: Unicorn Gender: Male Appearance: Here is a picture of it to see for yourself. No need to explain Cutie Mark: Snow with greens in it Hobbies: Video games Additional Details: Mostly gaming and friends or social fun activities.
  4. I never tell anyone ever. Unless they check my Netflix account there is no way to know. I don't collect plush or pillows. I don't believe in stuffed animals or decorations of stuff i like. I keep my interests either in video games or digital world.
  5. Because it is hard to do it the way they did in the past. It takes time and money, with technology it costs less and less time. There probably still are some who does it traditionally, Studio Ghibli stills keeps it at its core don't they?
  6. Probably have mentioned this, but Alex Louis Armstrong hands down, they should make a movie starring only him because he is that cool. Just the best!
  7. Xbox is better to play Sonic games on in my personal opinion. But Xbox don't have Ratchet and Clank games. So it just depends which system you prefer.
  8. Christian yes, but i am not insanely religious. Just typical pray and die view of life is as simple as i keep it. And even then i pray if i do something i feel is wrong or try to make up for it if i have wronged someone. The best way i can explain it is to try to be as friendly as i can. Well thats my goal atleast.
  9. I don't suffer from social anxiety. So i have real friends that way. Real friends is the way to live for me. Real is mein lieben.
  10. Yeah i realised too late. But i guess it could be as a brand too. True
  11. Magora


    I made a drawing of Shrek because i am waiting for an update.
  12. My favorite anime is any Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Wanna know why? Because it has my overall my forever favorite character ever made by everything in anime. Alex Louis Armstrong. If they just made an entire movie only about him i garantee it would sold bricks of gold. He is just that good of a character.
  13. Because she is random. That's Pinkie Pie for you
  14. Banned for stealing my original avatar ID.