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  1. Hello mlpforums, i'm back after like a year lmao! here's a redone ref sheet of my demon-pony Phantasia <3
  2. Fay

    art trade Art Trade? ♡

    Hello!! Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy haha. I'm definitely interested if you're still up for it! I've also updated my original post with a new pony to choose from~ ^^ gasp!! I love that sketch, thank you! Imn definitely interested in doing a trade! :3
  3. Hello!! I made myself a new bat-pony, but I'm completely lost on a cutiemark! Mostly because I don't have much more than a design for her, character-creation wise. Her personality is completely blank haha suggestions? <:3
  4. Thank you so much!!! I love it (●♡∀♡)
  5. Fay

    art trade Art Trade? ♡

    I love that dragon aa! I'm game! What would you like done? ^^
  6. Hello! I'm on the hunt for some trading! ♡ I'd like to do a few, so no worries if you think I'm all out of slots! I'd like art of either of my pony-ocs, Fay or Ravenna! Below are their refs, doubling as examples of my art style! (I can also do painterly, example here ) Fay's eyes are light blue, though she rarely has them open! Ravenna has a broken horn, and her shoes are optional! And then there's this unnamed bat pony!
  7. New OC! Meet Ravenna~ (´∀`)♡


    1. sprinkle nostrils

      sprinkle nostrils

      Oooo! Darkey =O

    2. dsc


      wow such a pretty mare ^^

    3. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Lovely design ^^

  8. freebie from Gaia! (ꈍᴗꈍ)


    1. Passion


      I spot an ahoge in that mane, a disarming ahoge let's add.

  9. aaa I don't own any but I really want some.......... a luna, a nightmare moon, and a queen chrysalis are my dream plushies! plus maybe a custom of an oc ,':3c
  10. Fay

    Hello! ♡

    It's going good! Just about to make a request shop <3 Thank you so much! I hope I enjoy it too huehue
  11. Fay

    Hello! ♡

    Hello!! I'm Fay and I'm an artist that loves MLP! I used to go by Marionette in the fandom quite some time ago, but I sorta vanished for a while. I'm back though, and I've got a lot of catching up to do!!
  12. Hello everyone!! First post in the forums, thought i'd share some art I recently finished (*´∀`*)ゞ lunabestprincess