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  1. Really depends on the time, RD's much less obnoxious in EG, however pinkie was turned into an exposition fountain in the EG, RR, and LE movies, which didn't feel good, then the other shorts turned up and made things much better for her, fluttershy i like the same for both, not much changed imo, Rarity just felt dull and boring to me, AJ felt better, but not much, and personally i prefer Sci-Twi over Princess Twi, it just feels more realistic as a high schooler than a princess in a castle, and i can see how that'd be much more relatable for some people, Pony twi seems to be less... out there as
  2. I feel like something to do with the Mean 6 clones would catch my attention, otherwise i feel like that as long as a good writer handles it, we'll get a good episode, possibly better than good.
  3. So i've just rewatched the episode, and i've got to say tirek was hilarious, if i'd list a major positive about the episode it'd be either the humor, or cozy glow as a villain. I have to definitely agree with Dark Qvivut on the CMCs, extreme waste of potential in my opinion, i would have thought something that would imitate Dark Water in the comics where the CMCs were the driving positive force solving the problem, instead of their appearance in the episode which felt more like filler than actual character. However i will point out something that i see within the episode, the childre
  4. This conversation being half off topic doesn't make it any better for other people to view, If you want to continue arguing out in the public just for your purpose of grabbing backers, you can continue replying in public, you're continuing to slander and twist my words, i'm going to start pming you from here, since you've rejected invitations to either end this conversation or to keep it away from flooding the chat, see you there. So making it half on topic justifies flooding chat? Sure, i'll respond to the on topic argument, "I was just addressing the one thing I found important to addr
  5. ”in fact if she was extremely good at socializing, she would have refrained from expressing racism in the first place.” in context was that she would have hid her racism instead of showing it in front of anyone, not that racism was a reflection of bad social skills? It was extremely obvious, why would i insult everyone who weren't good at socializing by calling them racist? To end an argument you can either accept to end it, or to just not reply, arguing again doesn't work in your favor. You're again implying my entire point was that she's autistic so she's free from all evil, that
  6. Multiple things wrong, first off, "Your belief that racism is a reflection of bad social skills is irrelevant to how autism actually impacts people." is extremely straight forward, in that statement you're pretty much saying "You thinking racism is related to bad social skills doesn't mean autism impacts people that way", i never stated that racism is a reflection of bad social skills, painting me in that way is just insulting. And, you were the first to bring up ending the argument, so, if you disagree to end it, very well. So this argument was pointless? You brought up that you didn't l
  7. Honestly i believe it wasn't tirek being smart, it was discord being er... Let me explain, Discord is intelligent, he doesn't have to have a plan, to make a plan, however, as is chaos, when something goes out of his plan and surprises him, he knows nothing of what to do, he's stunned, and panics, in a way he behaves like a child, easy to manipulate, shunned by consequences.
  8. Why does stating that people are victims of a crippling disorder make it hard to take my points seriously? Is that just something you personally have trouble with or...
  9. idk man, not her fault if you didn't properly word it. And you DID call it a borderline deus ex machina. Predictability can't be fully measured, it varies based on the person, so honestly, the argument about it being predictable is pretty much irrelevant and will easily rile up a toxicity feud. If you've been out competed in an argument and use "I don't care!" as an argument you're pretty much arguing for the sake of arguing, but just don't get too heated up.
  10. I respect that you disagree with my opinion, however it'd be better if you point out everything else you disagree about, so that i can get a better understanding of your points.
  11. To me, the movie felt mediocre, they've done wonders with EG, however this movie felt flat, a blatant piece of advertisement, Villain was a cringier tirek rip off (His previous designs were much better imo.), plot felt cliche in many ways, many characters were completely irrelevant, however other than that it felt likeable? I could see how bronies and non bronies alike could have seen the art style in the Movie to be hard to get used to and unlikable, i personally didn't have too much of an issue with it. To be honest i feel like they were anticipating a fantastic work of film featur
  12. To me, aside from season 8 both have been great, just that the fact that inexperienced writers without a proper understanding of the characters are being put to write episodes, which spoil the episode's value.
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