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    A Pirates welcome

    thank ye, thank ye, fer yer words o' encouragement
  2. we safely landed on Equestria, as we loot a step out o' th' galleon, we thought we where in th' heavens, but some where sceptical o' th' island, some believed 'twas black spotted. Some o' th' pirates eyes where blinded from th' brightness o' th' island while I jus' admire th' island 'n its beauty, but we snapped out o' our illusion state 'n we had t' realize we where in a unknown land, We carried our supplies, I reckon I got a splinter carryin' th' wood from th' ship. We built our bunkers 'n houses 'n a port. Night time fell 'n we heard, horrid chanties, as if it landed from Davy Jones' locker. I was ordered t' go wit' 9 other scallywags t' check, wha' was makin' that horrid noise, o' course th' cap'n made me brin' me musket 'n we ventured th' jungles, As we continued into th' jungles, we saw light, as we got closer th' noise got stronger 'n th' lights got brighter, 'til we got so close we saw somethin' that made our hopes 'n eyes glow. 'twas ponies, but however, they where more civil then th' other ponies in our land, th' ponies in our land where as stump as a hourse, but they where preformin', at wha' looks like a satanic act, one o' th' scallywags said "these aren't ponies, if they be, thar dangerous." but one o' th' other scallywags shot 'im down by sayin' "dangerous or nah, i see gold in me pouch" but however we followed cap'n orders 'n ran back t' camp" Th' cap'n was waitin' fer us when we returned, one o' th' scallywags told them that they were a "satanic ponies from Davy Jones' locker" while th' other said, "walkin' doubloons bags" either way, I was tired, the captain payed up 5 dollars for our trouble and I went the bed, while the other men, went for a beer.
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    A Pirates welcome

    ahoy, I be a fur hunter by trade in me village, I would usually hunt chipmunks,bears,wolfs,jaguar 'n at one time, nigh-on scuttled a pony. th' 15th era wasn't lookin' good fer me village, th' great famon arrived, we made a deal wit' th' native's 'n they given us grub fer fur, but th' legion arrived 'n I bet we'll get slaughtered. tonight we gonna move into an island called Equestria, I feel bad fer th' natives, but we can nah let death arrive t' me scallywags 'n wenches, Im on a galleon t' Equestria, we found a vacant spot on Equestria, thankfully nah nigh th' legion, 'til next time me scallywags 'n strumpets